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Royal Enfield is an Indian motorcycle company with British roots. It produces models of old motorcycles, which were very popular in their time but, despite this, are in demand even now. Motorcycles of this brand are also called “time machines”. Since the production of the first motorcycle, reliability has become the main indicator of the brand. Royal Enfield has representatives in many European countries and continues to develop with great success thanks to an amazing combination of classic and modern in one piece. Modern leather elements add charm and sophistication to Royal Enfield motorcycles.

Meaning and History

Royal Enfield Logo history

The Royal Enfield company was founded as a needle manufacturer in 1855 by George Townsend in a small English village. This continued until 1892 when the new owner decided to produce bicycles. After 7 years, the company began to manufacture automobiles. Three years later, the glorious history of the pure motorcycle brand Royal Enfield began. For a short period, it returned to auto manufacturing but in 1910, the company was forced to resume motorcycle production. By 1933, the company strengthened after a crisis and began to export its motorcycles. The Royal Enfield brand continues to exist even today. Its Indian modifications are in demand even in countries such as Germany, Italy, and England.

What is Royal Enfield?
The once-famous British brand, Royal Enfield, is currently based in India. This company produces not only motorcycles but also bikes and lawnmowers. A motorcycle of this brand can be purchased in any country in the world using the services of a dealer. Its products compete with many global manufacturers in this industry.

1901 – 2013

Royal Enfield Logo 1901

“Royal Enfield” is set in two lines, the second being slightly indented. The inscription features strong, angular serifs that add a sophisticated and luxurious feel. This impression is enhanced by the colors chosen by the brand. These are red and golden, which is used for an outline. The red symbolizes the company’s strength and its passion to give the world the best possible product. A unique feature of this logo is also the first letters of each word. They are not only larger than all the other but also placed slightly lower than the rest of the word.

2013 – Today

Royal Enfield Logo

Although the new emblem above the name is also round, it barely has any similarities with the original one. The red circle with a thin white outline has a red capital “R” with wings on either side. A rounded diamond is placed behind the letter to have it pop. According to the brand itself, the wings are not only supposed to stand for speed and give the logo some dynamics, but they also symbolize a double “E”. The inscription below the emblem is done in a very similar way it was printed on the original emblem. To match the emblem, the letters are done in red with a thin white outline.

Font and Color

Royal Enfield Emblem

A yellow color that is full of energy has always been part of the brand image. Originally, it was accompanied by dark gray, which gave the emblem a sophisticated appearance. Later, the company introduced red instead. It made the logo look powerful and strong and reflected the brand’s passion for what it was doing.