SHIELD (or S.H.I.E.L.D) is a fictional organization in the Marvel universe tasked with protecting worldwide peace in conjunction with the superheroes. The organization largely acts as the ‘motherbase’ for the heroes in the movies, shows and comic books. Their ultimate nemesis is the other organization, Hydra.

Meaning and History

SHIELD Logo history

SHIELD first appeared in 1965 as the counter-terrorist agency operating mostly in the interests of the United States. Very often, they also act as one of the forces acting in protection of humanity and Earth as a whole. The acronym S.H.I.E.L.D. stands for ‘Strategic Hazard Intervention Espionage Logistics Directorate’.

1965 – today

SHIELD Logo-1965

From the beginning and onto even now, the organization used this logo in both comic books and movies. It’s a black (sometimes blue) eagle with stretched wings, legs and tail. Around it is the ring with the full name of the agency on it. Over time, the meaning changed slightly.

Right in the middle of the eagle’s chest was the shield with a blue horizontal stripe containing 5 stars at the top and several vertical stripes. The entire logo is basically reminiscent of American symbolic.

2012 – today


When ‘Avengers’ came out back in 2012, Marvel introduced a new simpler and sleeker logo for their old agency.

The eagle here was dramatically simplified. The body and the head are now a simple arrowhead with a sleek head with barely any features. The wings are three rectangles, some cut with by the rounded frame around. The tail is just a triangle with its upper tip cut by the body figure.

The coloring is often blue or silvery-blue, but it’s not uncommon for the thing to be black or grey.

Emblem and Symbol


When the name of the organization has to appear on a poster or somewhere else, they usually go with the acronym style. The letters in it are very often strict and blocky, in addition to being large and uppercase (obviously). The color scheme is more often than not silver, grey or white.