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Simply Southern is a local American brand of male and female clothes. The firm specializes in bright culturally American imagery while creating various shirts and other clothing. It was founded in 2005 and is located in Greensboro, North Carolina. By today, they have signed partnership agreements with more than 6,000 sellers all over the United States and maintain 27 self-branded points of presence. In total, Simply Southern utilizes the skills of around 400 employees.

Meaning and history

Simply Southern Logo history

Simply Southern Company was created in 2005 as a small shop, based in one of the Greensboro malls. It was selling various apparel products. Throughout the following years, Simply Southern began to sew various shirts, pants, jackets, and other male and female products. They also started selling bags and drinkware. Now, Simply Southern remains a local clothing producer, sold in 6,000 retail stores in 12 states of the USA.

During their marketing campaigns, Simply Southern was a sponsor of American charity organizations such as Child Fund International and the American Red Cross. They have donated $6 million in money and products to these institutions. Recently, they gave around a million masks to CFI. As the brand grows, it continues to help charitable organizations, which is an integral part of its mission.

What is Simply Southern?
Simply Southern is an American brand of clothes established in 2005. They produce apparel with designs inspired by bright culturally American imagery. Their products are primarily targeted toward male and female teenage audiences.

2005 – today

Simply Southern Logo 2005

The brand uses a simple name caption as its logotype. Sometimes, they put it in the central part of a rectangle with circled corners.

2005 – today

Simply Southern Logo

It is sometimes accompanied by an emblem of two letters ‘s’. Both of them are limited to a form of a circle. Each letter has a special design, drafted of angular shapes.


Simply Southern Symbol

The typeface used for the nameplate depicts lowercase serif letterforms with small intervals in between. Due to the unadorned and slim style, the inscription looks elegant and modest, which fits perfectly with the Simply Southern brand image.


Simply Southern Emblem

Looking at their social media pages, official website, and logotype variants, it is hard to define the color code selected by Simply Southern. However, their brand identity refers primarily to bright shades: pink, yellow, and blue. The white or black inscription often stands on the rectangles of pink, blue, and yellow.