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The Sith stand as a fascinating concept within the Star Wars universe. George Lucas, the mastermind behind Star Wars, introduced them. The Sith hail from a galaxy far, far away. They embody the dark side of the Force, contrasting with the Jedi’s light side. Initially, they sought power and dominance, challenging the peace upheld by the Jedi.

Meaning and history

Sith Logo history

The concept of the Sith emerged in the early development of the Star Wars saga, with their official introduction in the 1977 film. They have since become iconic, representing the perpetual struggle against the Jedi. Over decades, the Sith lore has expanded, including significant events like the establishment of the Rule of Two, the rise of Darth Sidious, and the fall of the Galactic Republic. These moments, among others, have cemented the Sith’s place in pop culture and the Star Wars legacy.

What is Sith?

The Sith are embodiments of the dark side of the Force in the Star Wars narrative. They seek power and control, often clashing with the Jedi, who serve the light side. The Sith’s philosophy centers on strength, ambition, and the individual’s will to dominate.


Sith old Logo

The image showcases a bold emblem, radiating with angular spikes, twelve in total, emanating from a central circle. The color scheme is stark: a vibrant red against a pristine white background. The central white ring encircles a smaller, solid red disc. This striking design conveys dynamism and a sense of alertness, perhaps signifying power or authority. Its resemblance to a starburst or a heraldic symbol infuses it with an air of nobility or significance. The logo’s simplicity ensures its memorability, while its sharp lines suggest movement and energy.


Sith Logo

This emblem exudes a more geometric precision, consisting of stark black and white contrast. It’s a hexagonal mosaic of angular shapes converging on a central hexagon. Each corner of the outer hexagon extends into an arrowhead-like form, pointing towards the center. This central hexagon anchors the design, surrounded by six kite-shaped figures that create a secondary layer of complexity. The overall effect is one of symmetry and balance, with a more mechanical and imposing aura compared to the previous design. The switch to monochrome adds a layer of seriousness and universality, suggesting a modern evolution in the brand’s image.