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Squid Game is the name of a South Korean tv show, released by Netflix in 2021. The series, directed by Hwang Dong-hyuk, is composed of nine episodes, which tell the story of different people, who decide to become participants in a mysterious survival contest. The survival drama gained extreme popularity all over the globe.

Meaning and history

Squid Game Logo history

The Squid Game is a story of 456 people who take part in a survival contest. They will have to play a series of traditional children’s games, but with deadly twists and turns. All of the characters in the show will be forced to risk their lives to win an impressive money prize. But only one can win it.

The Squid Game is a dizzying and daring story about the lengths to which people who are driven forward by lust for profit and fear of death are willing to go. It uncovers a lot of material and psychological issues in modern society.

Many begin to question the decision, but players quickly realize there is no turning back after seeing dozens of deaths in the first trial.

Where did the name Squid Game come from? The concept behind each challenge in the series has its roots in popular children’s games from the 1970s and ’80s. One such game includes the titular challenge, which can be translated as a game of tag, where offense and defense use a squid-shaped board drawn on the ground. It is this challenge that is the final challenge in the series itself, and in which the last two surviving players face off.

Squid Game Logo 2021

Squid Game is a pretty violent series, which didn’t stop it from becoming a viewership leader. Since its release, the 9-episode Korean show has risen to the first line on the Netflix streaming platform worldwide.

The series premiered on September 17, 2021, and already in early 2022, it was announced that there were intentions to shoot a second season.

What is Squid Game?
Squid Game is a super popular tv-show from South Korea, broadcasted by Netflix in 2021. The plot of the series is built around a group of people participating in a survival game for money.

As for the visual identity, there are a lot of hidden meanings in the logo of the South Korean survival drama. The badge might seem quite primitive at the first sight, but it is based on shapes and colors, which bring a lot to the core of the series and the main idea behind it. First of all, the shapes. There are three main geometric shapes used in the tv-show and its logo — square, circle, and triangle. These figures, used throughout the show were taken from the original Squid Game. As for the series, in it, they represent the hierarchy, where the square stands for the guards with the highest rank, and the circle — for the lower ones.

The colors on the logo are also very meaningful, as pink was chosen as a primary color for the whole show. There are a lot of pink details in the interiors and landscapes of the show, as well as the guards’ masks.

2021 – Today

Squid Game Logo

The Squid Game logo, introduced in 2021 features a stylized inscription in white and pink over a black background. Originally the name was written in Korean but got its English version designed with completely the same idea and symbols.

It is two-leveled lettering in a white custom typeface with the elongated lines of some letters and merging — in the others. Three pink geometric figures are hidden behind three of the letters: a circle behind the “Q, an” a triangle in the “A” and a square in “E”.

Font and color

Squid Game Emblem

The custom typeface of the Squid Game logotype has no analogs and is built around the geometry of the show, three main figures, and elongated lines of some letters, which soften and balance the sharp angles.

The green tracksuits of the players in the show were chosen because they resembled those used in the Korean political movement of the 1970s. And pink was chosen for the guards, as on the color wheel green and pink are opposite colors, and pink controls and suppresses green.