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The Star Wars franchise depicts the adventures of numerous characters a long time ago, far away, which have to live with lots of species of aliens and robots who may help them in the daily routine.
As the one of the most popular film series of all times, Star Wars franchise began with a 1977 film, which was a bombshell and quickly became a pop-culture phenomenon.
It had absorbed the elements of the funny tale and a space opera. The film has been extended with a lot of sequels, TV shows, comics and games as well as other media.

Meaning and History

Star Wars Logo History

As Star Wars’ action, for its general idea, takes place in a very futuristic galaxy, where people and aliens can travel and fight on different planets or in space, among the stars, the name ‘Star Wars’ is a perfect to describe what the film about.

1976 – 1977

Star Wars Logo 1976

The first logo of the Star Wars was created in 1976 by Ralph McQuarrie and represented a black logotype on the white a background. The lettering was designed with a font without serifs, had some elegant lines which were turning to the center. Although it looked stylish and modern, the logo was too soft and smooth for the idea of the franchise.

1977 – 1977

Star Wars Logo 1977

In 1977 the authors of the film came up with the new logo. From now, the emblem had two levels, with a very bold font. The black lettering was narrowing up to the top. The thick letters had soft angles and hard cuts of the edges. All this gained the logo a powerful and memorable impression, so it could easily catch your eye.

1977 – Today

Star Wars Logo

In the same year, the Star Wars logo we all know was introduced. The wide two-level inscription in flowing lines colored in yellow had the long tailings of the both ‘R’ and ‘S’ letters to the both sides.
This minimalistic but stylish logotype became recognizable just in the first second the public had seen it and now we cannot imagine the far, far away galaxy without this logotype.

Emblem and Symbol

The Star Wars emblem covered all the media about the universe, including movies (the original three, spin offs, sequels etc), animations, TV series and computer games. Usually it has white inscription with a surrounding in some of the universe’s colors. Meanwhile, any emblems, symbols or mascots are out of use in the logo at all.