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The company now known as Staropramen is the second-largest wheaten beer brand and properly brewery in Prague, Czech Republic. The brewery is now owned by Molson Coors, and this beer is distributed in 37 countries across Europe and North America, including the USA, Germany, UK and others.

Meaning and History

Staropramen Logo history

The Staropramen brewery story comes back to 1869, when it was founded under the name Joint Stock Brewery in Smíchov (Prague district). It soon grew up to the largest brewery in Czech region on some time, and the current name Staropramen was adopted in 1911.

1869 – 191?

Staropramen Logo 1869

The Staropramen logo from 1869 represents the brewery’s origins, showcasing its traditional roots and heritage. The logo features a simple yet elegant design in shades of green and beige, with the name “Staropramen” prominently displayed in bold, uppercase letters. This text is framed by a curved arch, giving it a distinctive shape. Above the brand name, “Akcionářský Pivovar” and “Na Smíchově” indicate the brewery’s location and status as a joint-stock company. This early logo reflects the 19th-century brewing industry’s essence with its clean lines and straightforward typography, symbolizing the brand’s commitment to quality and its deep roots in Prague’s Smíchov district.

191? – 192?

Staropramen Logo 1910

In the 1910s, Staropramen’s logo evolved to a more refined and detailed design, reflecting the brewery’s growth over four decades. It features a rich blue background with the brand name “Staropramen” in large, bold red letters, adorned with a white border for enhanced visibility. The phrase “Akcionářský Pivovar na Smíchově” elegantly curves above the brand name, while “12° Ležák Tmavý” below specifies the beer type. The founding year “Založen Roku 1869” emphasizes the brand’s long-standing tradition. Decorative elements like barley and hops motifs symbolize the natural ingredients used in brewing, representing Staropramen’s established reputation and commitment to brewing excellence.

192? – 193?

Staropramen Logo 1920

The 1920s logo marks Staropramen’s modernization and sophistication period. The brand name “Staropramen” is displayed in large, italicized uppercase letters, giving it a dynamic look against a green background, symbolizing freshness and quality. Above the brand name, “Smíchovský” highlights the brewery’s geographical heritage, while “Do 12° Ležák Světlý” and “Zal. 1869” indicate the beer type and founding year. The design includes detailed illustrations of hops and barley intertwined with the initials “S” and “P,” reflecting the brewery’s adaptation to changing times while maintaining its traditional values and commitment to quality brewing.

193? – 1950

Staropramen Logo 1930

In the 1930s, Staropramen’s logo shifted towards a modern, minimalist design, aligning with the art deco movement. The logo features bold, clean typography with “Staropramen” in large uppercase letters against a blue background, symbolizing reliability. The initials “A” and “S” are enclosed within a circular emblem above the brand name, adding elegance. The phrase “Ochranná Známka” indicates trademark status, and the founding year “1869” highlights the brand’s history. This simple yet striking design focuses on clarity and readability, reflecting Staropramen’s embrace of modern design principles while maintaining its heritage.

1951 – 1982

Staropramen Logo 1951

The 1951 Staropramen logo embodies the post-war era’s resilience and renewal. It features a compact, robust design with “Staropramen” in bold, uppercase letters against a green background, evoking freshness. “Praha – Smíchov” above the brand name emphasizes the brewery’s connection to its home city. A circular emblem with the initials “S”, “P”, and “N” surrounded by barley and hops motifs adds a touch of tradition and authenticity. This simple yet powerful design reflects the brand’s commitment to quality and resilience, representing a period of renewal and growth for Staropramen.

1982 – 1991

Staropramen Logo 1982

The 1982 Staropramen logo features a vintage design with a distinct, handwritten-style script that is both elegant and bold. Rendered in a rich green hue, it symbolizes freshness and natural ingredients. The letters are smoothly connected, reflecting the brand’s long-standing heritage and commitment to quality. This classic design, without additional graphic elements, highlights “Staropramen” as the focal point, ensuring brand recognition and loyalty among consumers.

1991 – 1995

Staropramen Logo 1991

The 1991 Staropramen logo introduces a modernized version of its predecessor while retaining traditional elements. The green script features a more polished look with thicker lettering for a robust appearance, subtle shadowing, and depth for a three-dimensional effect. This design maintains a sense of unity and consistency, reinforcing the brand’s established presence in the beer industry, blending tradition and modernity to appeal to a diverse consumer base.

1995 – 1999

Staropramen Logo 1995

In 1995, Staropramen’s logo underwent a significant transformation, incorporating intricate elements highlighting the brand’s heritage and quality. The primary script is set against a backdrop of golden barley and hops, symbolizing natural ingredients. The green and gold color palette adds prestige and luxury. A red ribbon with “Ochranná známka” at the bottom emphasizes authenticity. This design communicates the brand’s deep roots in traditional brewing and commitment to high standards.

1998 (unused)

Staropramen Logo 1998

The 1998 Staropramen logo presents a sleek, contemporary update with a clean, minimalistic design. The script, rendered in deep gray, symbolizes trust and stability, with more condensed and slightly italicized letters for a dynamic feel. A small star above the initial “S” adds elegance. This modern design aims to appeal to a younger demographic while maintaining the brand’s core identity.

1999 – 2011

Staropramen Logo 1999

In 1999, Staropramen reintroduced traditional elements with a modern twist. The design features bold green typography surrounded by detailed illustrations of barley and hops in gold. The prominent central “S” signifies the brand’s identity. A red ribbon with “Ochranná známka” denotes the trademark. This logo balances historical significance with contemporary design, appealing to long-time patrons and new customers.

2011 – 2015

Staropramen Logo 2011

The 2011 logo evolves the design, maintaining classic elements while adding a modern twist. The central “S,” accompanied by initials “A” and “P,” is surrounded by detailed hops and barley. The year “1869” is prominently displayed, emphasizing the brewery’s heritage. “Staropramen” is rendered in dynamic, italicized script with gold outlining for elegance. The consistent green, gold, and red color scheme ensures brand recognition and symbolizes tradition and excellence in brewing.

2015 – Today

Staropramen Logo

The current Staropramen logo further refines the visual identity with a contemporary approach while preserving traditional elements. The central emblem includes the initials “S,” “A,” and “P,” surrounded by detailed hops and barley. The year “1869” highlights the brewery’s history. “Staropramen” is presented in a flowing, italicized script, suggesting movement and growth. “Est. in Prague” below the name emphasizes the brand’s origins. The consistent color scheme of green, gold, and red reinforces the brand’s identity and evokes timeless quality and reliability. This design reflects Staropramen’s commitment to maintaining its legacy while appealing to modern consumers.

Emblem and Symbol

Though there is only one principal brand logotype which is in use both as corporate and on the bottles, but you can still find the Staropramen cards referred to the socialist period, when all breweries were nationalized, and after it.

These cards use elements of the official logo, but with some mods. For example, you can find versions having the emblem with the letter ‘S’ of strong and angular font. Another card depicts the emblem enclosed in the wide S from inscription, which saves some space. And so on.