Staropramen Logo

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The company now known as Staropramen is the second-largest wheaten beer brand and properly brewery in Prague, Czech Republic. The brewery is now owned by Molson Coors, and this beer is distributed in 37 countries across Europe and North America, including the USA, Germany, UK and others.

Meaning and History

The Staropramen brewery story comes back to 1869, when it was founded under the name Joint Stock Brewery in Smíchov (Prague district). It soon grew up to the largest brewery in Czech region on some time, and the current name Staropramen was adopted in 1911.

1910s – Today

Staropramen Logo

In the 1910s Staropramen was the largest brewery in Czech. Of course, it needed some brand identity for the Staropramen beer visible on the market along with the competitors. So, the company leaders asked an artist and graphics designer František Tichý to draw a logotype.

This simple image with green dominance depicted the elegant contoured inscription ‘Staropramen’ with handwritten font and the long underline going from the last character. We can also mention the curious emblem above. It has the initials ‘S A P’ enclosed in the wheaten spicules. On the sides we see the date of foundation.

Emblem and Symbol

Though there is only one principal brand logotype which is in use both as corporate and on the bottles, but you can still find the Staropramen cards referred to the socialist period, when all breweries were nationalized, and after it.

These cards use elements of the official logo, but with some mods. For example, you can find versions having the emblem with the letter ‘S’ of strong and angular font. Another card depicts the emblem enclosed in the wide S from inscription, which saves some space. And so on.