Start Trek Logo

Start Trek is a science fiction television series, first presented in 1966. The original idea of the author Gene Roddenberry was to create three-season series. However, the audience loved the story, so later the 22-episode Star Trek the Animated Series, a successful film franchise, five additional TV channels, and adaptations in other media were also filmed.

Meaning and history

The famous logo of the series for a long time excited the minds of all fans and they guessed a lot about its meaning. The original logo appeared at the same time as the movie itself. It was an icon shaped like a delta or an arrowhead. The authors depicted the ship of heroes Enterprise moving in endless space. The shape of the ship is small enough compared to the space that surrounds them, but they do not despair, open all its corners, and stubbornly follow their motto “Where no man has gone before”.

What is Start Trek?
Star Trek is a science fiction franchise that encompasses a television series, movies, books, and merchandise. It revolves around a future where humanity explores space, emphasizing themes of exploration, diplomacy, and the potential of technology.


Start Trek Logo

As a basis for creating the logo, the designers took the old NASA logos, later UESPA, which were used in the Earth’s space programs in the 20th and 21st centuries. The Star Trek logo is a golden alpha set against a deep blue, endless space. It is surrounded by a dark brown trail from a shooting star. The logo has a round shape, which is not surprising because such a patch adorns the costumes of the crew members, their ship, as well as all their equipment. The badge frame bears the “Starfleet Command” and “United Federation of Planets” markings.