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Supreme is an accessories brand that mostly focuses on clothes, although they don’t scoff at various other forms of merchandise, including even sports equipment. Generally, they aim at younger audience. The general notion is that this clothing is very costly, but it’s not really the case. They aren’t cheap, but also not the top of the priciest, either.

Meaning and History

The brand started in 1994 with the first NYC-based shop of clothes. The general idea was to sell to skateboarders or people who like this style, but it didn’t reflect on the name. The name is simply an attempt at conditioning people into believing that they sell something extraordinary.

What is Supreme?
Supreme is a renowned streetwear brand that originated in New York City. It has gained a cult-like following for its limited edition clothing and accessories, often featuring its iconic red box logo. The brand has successfully bridged the gap between fashion and street culture, making it highly sought after by fashion enthusiasts worldwide.

1994 – today

Supreme Logo

The first official logo was released on day 1. It’s just a scarlet rectangle with the word ‘Supreme’ on it (in exactly the same composition). In terms of the font, it’s tilted to the right, but there’s nothing else. It’s pretty basic, and there are not special quirks in the way they wrote the letters.

Emblem and History

Symbol Supreme

While this layout has been used in exactly the same style for many years since its inception, the colors can actually change. It’s not set in stone that it should be red, although it is the iconic color. There are also green, black, pink, orange and other variations.