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The Independent is a British digital newspaper. Andreas Whittam Smith, Stephen Glover, and Matthew Symonds founded it. They launched it to provide a neutral perspective, free from political affiliation. The newspaper began in London. It aimed to offer a fresh, unbiased view on news relative to established competitors.

Meaning and history

The Independent Logo history

The Independent was established on 7 October 1986. It initially gained fame for its unaligned and fresh editorial stance. In 1990, it reached its peak circulation, showcasing its popularity. The paper transitioned to a digital-only format in March 2016, ceasing its print editions. This shift aimed to address the global trend towards digital media consumption and the decline in print newspaper sales. Throughout its history, The Independent has been known for investigative journalism and in-depth reports on global issues.

What is The Independent?
The Independent is a UK-based digital news platform. It focuses on delivering comprehensive, unbiased news reports. Known for its rigorous investigative journalism, it provides insights into both UK and global events. The platform prides itself on its independence from political bias.

1986 – 2005

The Independent Logo 1986

The logo displays the name “THE INDEPENDENT” in bold, serif capital letters. Centered above is a dark, detailed eagle in mid-flight, gripping a banner. The typeface’s classic style conveys authority and tradition, while the eagle symbolizes freedom and sharp vision, echoing the publication’s ethos of independent journalism. This emblem signifies a commitment to soaring above the fray, delivering news with an unbound perspective.

2005 – 2010

The Independent Logo 2005

In this iteration of the logo, the eagle takes on a vibrant red hue, imbuing it with vigor and a bold stance. The typographic style remains consistent with serif letters that stand tall and authoritative. The red eagle suggests a dynamic, assertive approach to journalism, emphasizing the newspaper’s vitality and passion for delivering impactful stories. The color change represents a fresh, distinctive identity while maintaining the logo’s original integrity.

2010 – 2011

The Independent Logo 2010

The logo features “THE INDEPENDENT” in a sizable, robust maroon hue, sans-serif lettering. Above, a detailed, monochrome eagle soars, banner in talons, implying a message delivery. The eagle’s placement to the right of “THE” adds dynamism. This design balances boldness with the subtlety of the newspaper’s mission to deliver unswayed, soaring reportage. The color scheme and eagle’s flight speak of dignity and a fearless journalistic approach.

2011 – 2013

The Independent Logo 2011

The typography now displays a stronger contrast, with “The” in a black, serif font, and “INDEPENDENT” in bold, red capitals. The eagle, previously in mid-flight, now perches, poised on the banner, symbolizing readiness and focus. This layout conveys balance, merging the traditional with the modern, reflecting a newspaper that respects its heritage while confidently facing contemporary challenges.

2013 – Today

The Independent Logo

In the latest design, the eagle is reimagined within a red circular backdrop, adding striking contrast. “The” precedes “INDEPENDENT” in a serif font, more pronounced than before. The typography is black, creating a stark juxtaposition with the red. This composition simplifies the logo, highlighting the iconic eagle, now a central figure. It reflects a modern, cleaner approach to the brand’s visual identity while preserving its emblematic spirit.