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Tristar Pictures operates as an American film studio. Established by HBO, CBS, and Columbia Pictures, its creation took place in Los Angeles. They formed it to release films that appeal to a broad audience. The studio combines talents and resources from its founders to maximize film distribution efficiency.

Meaning and history

Tristar Pictures Logo history

Tristar Pictures was founded in 1984, emerging as a joint venture among HBO, CBS, and Columbia Pictures. This partnership aimed to leverage combined resources for producing and distributing movies more effectively. The studio quickly made a mark with its distinctive logo, a Pegasus, symbolizing ambition and creativity. Significant milestones include the release of its first film, “Where the Boys Are ’84,” in the same year of its founding. Tristar’s reputation for producing widely appealing films grew, and it became a notable name in the entertainment industry by the late 1980s. The 1990s saw further success with hits like “Terminator 2: Judgment Day” and “Basic Instinct”. In 1998, Sony consolidated Tristar with Columbia Pictures, forming the Columbia TriStar Motion Picture Group, now known as Sony Pictures Motion Picture Group.

What is Tristar Pictures?
Tristar Pictures is a film and television production company. As a subsidiary of Sony Pictures Entertainment, it specializes in content that is both commercially viable and critically acclaimed. The studio is renowned for its iconic Pegasus logo, symbolizing its lofty aspirations in cinema.

1984 – 1993

Tri Star Pictures Logo 1984

The Tristar Pictures logo boasts a majestic winged horse, the mythological Pegasus, mid-leap above a stylized mountain. The horse’s poised muscles suggest motion, symbolizing the studio’s dynamic foray into the cinematic world. The bold, capitalized “TRI STAR PICTURES” text anchors the emblem, providing a strong foundation below the ethereal creature. This iconic logo encapsulates both the elegance of storytelling and the power of motion pictures.

1991 – 1993

Tristar Pictures Logo 1991

In this iteration of the Tristar Pictures logo, the Pegasus is now confined to the peak of the triangular mount, a more compact vision. The wings of the mythical creature are more stylized, conveying a sense of artistic refinement. Below, “TRI STAR” commands the space in bold, expansive typography, split into two lines for a striking impact. The letters’ imposing size evokes the grandeur of the studio’s cinematic aspirations. The design favors simplicity, focusing the eye on the synergy between the textual and the mythical elements. This logo reflects a modernized vision, emphasizing a balance between legacy and contemporaneity.


Tristar Pictures Logo 1993

The latest Tristar Pictures logo departs from minimalism, now featuring a framed Pegasus boldly descending from the clouds. The frame, reminiscent of a classic movie screen, outlines the figure with stark precision. Below, the “TRISTAR PICTURES” text stands out in a plain, clean font, directly underlined by its association as a “SONY PICTURES ENTERTAINMENT company.” The cloud element adds a new layer of depth, suggesting the studio’s limitless creativity. The overall design projects a harmonized image of heritage and affiliation, indicating Tristar’s established place in the Sony family.

1993 – 2015

Tristar Pictures Logo 19931

In this logo, Tristar Pictures returns to a more stripped-down aesthetic. The Pegasus, still within a frame, now adorns a square rather than a filmic rectangle. Its wings beat proudly against a backdrop of clouds, conveying a sense of ascension and inspiration. The “TRISTAR” text above has evolved, with each letter sculpted into a serif font that marries classic and contemporary styles. The design feels less corporate and more cinematic, a nod to the studio’s storytelling prowess. This logo harmonizes simplicity and sophistication, reflecting Tristar’s legacy and modernity in the film industry.

2015 – Today

Tristar Pictures Logo

In this version, the logo’s text captures our attention with its transformation. “TRISTAR” stands bold and expansive above “PICTURES”, asserting a fresh, modern hierarchy. The sans-serif font is sleek, enhancing the logo’s contemporary vibe. The Pegasus and its framing remain the same, preserving the emblem’s classic element. This subtle change in typography suggests a redefined identity, blending tradition with a renewed sense of purpose and direction for Tristar Pictures.