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US Polo Assn, the official brand of the United States Polo Association (USPA), is renowned for its apparel and accessories that embody the sport of polo. This brand, not to be confused with Ralph Lauren’s Polo, is under the stewardship of the USPA, the governing body of polo in the United States since 1890. The association itself, a non-profit, owns the US Polo Assn brand.

The brand operates globally, with its presence spanning over 180 countries. It has a significant footprint in the retail industry, offering products that range from clothing to accessories, capturing the essence of the sport and its rich heritage. This widespread operation underscores the brand’s international appeal and its ability to resonate with a diverse global audience.

Meaning and history

Founded in 1890, US Polo Assn has a deep-rooted history closely tied to the sport of polo in the United States. It was established by the USPA as part of its effort to promote and sustain the sport of polo, a game often associated with prestige and aristocratic heritage. The brand’s inception goes hand in hand with the establishment of the association, marking a significant chapter in the history of American sports.

Throughout its journey, US Polo Assn has achieved several milestones. It has successfully positioned itself as a lifestyle brand that transcends the boundaries of the sport, offering a wide range of apparel and accessories that cater to a broad audience. Its ability to blend the classic elements of polo with contemporary fashion trends has been a key achievement. Furthermore, the brand’s commitment to the sport is evident in its various sponsorships and partnerships, aimed at promoting polo at various levels, from grassroots to professional tournaments.

Currently, US Polo Assn stands as a prominent player in the global fashion and sports apparel industry. Its identity is firmly anchored in the heritage and values of polo, yet it continues to innovate and adapt to the evolving market trends. The brand’s widespread recognition and its association with an elite sport have contributed to its current position as a symbol of class, quality, and sporting tradition. This blend of heritage and modernity continues to define US Polo Assn’s journey in the competitive world of fashion and sports apparel.


US Polo Assn logo

The logo showcas a dynamic scene of a mounted polo player in mid-swing, aiming for the ball. The figure is rendered in a solid, navy silhouette, conveying a sense of movement and athleticism. Above the image, the brand’s name is spelled out in bold, capital letters, with “U.S. POLO ASSN.” prominently centered. The words “SINCE 1890” anchor the bottom of the logo, highlighting the brand’s long-standing history. The entire logo is set against a clean background, ensuring the image and text are the focal point. This logo aligns with the brand’s heritage, emphasizing its official connection to the sport of polo in the U.S. and its establishment over a century ago.