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United States Marine Corps is a land force of the United States Military, adjacent to the navy and often operating in conjunction with the maritime forces. Their job often involves protecting or assaulting coastal defenses and other military objects, but they are often found deep inland where they do the same jobs as Army.

Meaning and History

The Marine Corps is almost as old as the country herself. It’s considered one of the toughest and most professional forces in the military, with a huge record of successful dangerous operations all over the globe. At the moment, UMSC numbers some ~200,000 active duty personnel.

1868 – today


USMC got its first official emblem back in 1868. Although it was slightly altered several times, they didn’t change much and it’s hard to keep track of all the minor changes. The contemporary design is modeled into a sort of military patch – a round image with several layers of text and visual elements.

The central part is a red circle with a globe made from silver and gold colors (America in front). There is an eagle with stretched wings perched on the planet (the bird is also golden). It holds a white ribbon with the words ‘semper fidelis’ on it – ‘always loyal’ in Latin, the Marine motto.

Behind them is a golden anchor with white rope around it, signifying the maritime nature of the Marines.

The red part is outlined with a golden ring, and then followed by a blue edge with the words ‘United States’ on the top, and ‘Marine Corps’ on the bottom, all in white uppercase.

The entire emblem is then outlined with a brown ring made to look like a thick rope, as used on the ships.

Emblem and Symbol

USMC Emblem

There are several minor USMC emblems. For instance, alongside the primary emblem the Military introduced the flag for the Marine Corps. It’s basically the same image, but without the blue parts and anything else beyond the red part. Instead, the ‘United States Marine Corps’ part is move to the white ribbon below the main image.