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Amadeus is a global technology company known for its travel solutions. A group of major airlines founded the company to provide a centralized booking system. It was created in Madrid, Spain. The system facilitates travel agency sales through real-time access to airline inventories.

Meaning and history

Amadeus Logo history

Founded in 1987, Amadeus IT Group arose from the collaboration of Air France, Lufthansa, Iberia, and SAS. It operates from its headquarters in Madrid, Spain, aiming to link travel content providers with agencies.

In 1992, Amadeus introduced its pioneering booking system, revolutionizing travel reservation processes. By the mid-1990s, it had captured a leading position in Europe’s market. The company entered the Paris Stock Exchange in 1999 through a public offering.

During the early 2000s, Amadeus expanded its reach worldwide and ventured into IT solutions for various travel-related sectors. In 2005, it relocated its primary stock listing to the Spanish Stock Exchanges.

Amadeus consistently innovated, developing mobile and online solutions. It launched a significant IPO in 2010, marking its re-entry into the stock market. The company has since bought several technology firms to broaden its service portfolio.

Amadeus stands as a top travel technology firm globally, providing sophisticated software solutions across the travel industry.

What is Amadeus?
Amadeus operates as a travel technology company, providing solutions for booking flights, hotels, and other travel services. It serves agencies and airlines worldwide, streamlining operations and enhancing user experience. The system supports global travel infrastructure.

1987 – 2014

Amadeus Logo 1987

The logo of Amadeus features a bold, modern design with its name in a striking blue hue. The font is sleek, showcasing capital letters with a notable sans-serif style. “Amadeus” is prominently displayed, while “Your technology partner” is positioned beneath it in a smaller, lighter typeface, emphasizing the company’s role as a collaborator in technology. The use of blue symbolizes reliability and professionalism, aligning with the brand’s identity in the travel and technology sectors.

2014 – Today

Amadeus Logo

The updated Amadeus logo presents a simplified yet striking appearance. It features only the brand name in a rich blue color, omitting the previous tagline “Your technology partner”. The typeface remains bold and sans-serif, but appears more streamlined and modern. The focus is solely on the brand name, enhancing its visibility and impact. This design shift emphasizes a cleaner, more direct branding strategy, reflecting a refined corporate identity. The uniformity in size and the absence of additional text make the logo more versatile for various uses.