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CNBN stands for Central National Bank Network, a financial entity created to facilitate efficient banking communications. Its creator, a consortium of banks, aimed to enhance transaction speeds and security. The network was established in New York City as a response to the growing need for financial institutions to streamline operations.

Meaning and history

CNBN Logo history

CNBN originated in 1985 as a revolutionary approach to handling bank transactions. By 1990, it had connected over 100 banks across the USA, promoting real-time data exchange. This network played a pivotal role during the 2008 financial crisis by maintaining stable communications. In 2015, CNBN implemented advanced encryption methods, further securing bank transactions and information sharing.

What is CNBN?
CNBN is a specialized network developed to support and secure communication between banks. It facilitates real-time transaction processing and data sharing. The network uses advanced technologies to ensure high security and operational efficiency.

1989 – 1992

CNBC Logo 1989

The logo displayed features bold, black letters forming the acronym “CNBC”. The design is modern, with clean, sharp lines. Each letter connects seamlessly, emphasizing unity and flow. The use of solid black color conveys seriousness and professionalism, suitable for a business-focused brand.

1992 – 1994

CNBC Logo 1992

This logo transformation introduces a stylized “C” with concentric circles, suggesting dynamism and focus. The letters “NBC” follow in bold, connected typeface, maintaining uniformity and strength. Below, the slogan “Information That Hits Home” is presented in a simple, elongated rectangle, emphasizing directness and impact. The design cleverly uses black and white for clarity and contrast, effectively highlighting the brand’s commitment to delivering impactful news.

1994 – 1996

CNBC Logo 1994

This logo iteration introduces a sleek, metallic gray swoosh that gracefully arcs over the black letters “CNBC”. The typeface is now more fluid and modern, with each letter merging elegantly. The contrast between the metallic swoosh and the solid black enhances the logo’s visual impact, embodying a dynamic and forward-thinking brand identity. This design shift reflects a more contemporary and stylish approach, aiming to attract a broader, modern audience.

1996 – 2023

CNBC Logo 1996

This logo introduces vibrant colors with a multi-colored peacock design, symbolizing diversity and broadcasting range. The letters “CNBC” below are bold and black, ensuring legibility against the colorful backdrop. This design shift marks a dynamic, lively approach, reflecting CNBC’s broad and engaging content spectrum. The peacock motif aligns with its parent network, emphasizing a unified brand identity across media platforms.

2023 – Today


In this updated logo, the peacock’s vibrant colors remain, symbolizing the spectrum of CNBC’s offerings. The text “CNBC” is now in a bold, navy blue, enhancing readability and providing a strong contrast to the colorful backdrop. This color choice adds a layer of sophistication and reliability to the brand’s identity. The peacock design and font modifications align CNBC more closely with professionalism and contemporary aesthetics.