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Jim Henson Pictures is an American film production company. Jim Henson, the famous puppeteer, created it. It was established in Los Angeles, California. The company focuses on producing family-friendly movies. They often feature puppetry and animation. Their productions aim to entertain and educate children and families. Jim Henson Pictures became known for its creative storytelling. It continues the legacy of Jim Henson’s innovative work with puppets. The company is part of The Jim Henson Company. They work to create engaging and imaginative content. Their films often feature beloved characters. They maintain a strong presence in the entertainment industry.

Meaning and history

Jim Henson Pictures Logo history

Jim Henson Pictures was founded on July 21, 1995, by Brian Henson and Margaret Loesch. This establishment aimed to create family-oriented films with a unique touch of puppetry and animation. Initially, the company formed a partnership with Sony Pictures Entertainment. This collaboration allowed them to produce several notable films.

Their first film, “The Muppet Christmas Carol”, was released in 1992. This movie marked the beginning of their journey in family-friendly entertainment. Over the years, they released various films that gained popularity. In 1996, they produced “Muppet Treasure Island”, which was another significant success.

In 1998, the company faced challenges due to changes in the film industry. Despite these challenges, Jim Henson Pictures continued to produce quality content. In 2004, they released “Five Children and It”, which showcased their adaptability and creativity.

The company has maintained a commitment to innovation in puppetry and animation. They have influenced the entertainment industry significantly. Jim Henson Pictures remains a beloved name, known for its dedication to entertaining families.

What is Jim Henson Pictures?
Jim Henson Pictures is a film production company. It was created by Jim Henson. They produce family-friendly movies. Their films often feature puppets and animation.

1995 – 2001

Jim Henson Pictures Logo 1995

The Jim Henson Pictures logo features a distinctive design. The logo displays the name “Jim Henson” in elegant, cursive handwriting. Below this, the word “PICTURES” appears in bold, uppercase letters. The entire logo uses a clean, black and white color scheme. A thin horizontal line separates the cursive text from the block letters. The design is simple yet striking, capturing the brand’s essence effectively.


Jim Henson Pictures Logo 1997

The updated Jim Henson Pictures logo includes several changes. It now features a silhouette of Kermit the Frog operating a film camera. This addition appears within a circular frame above the text. The original cursive “Jim Henson” remains, with “PICTURES” in bold, uppercase letters below. The new design adds a dynamic, cinematic element, reflecting the company’s focus on film production. The overall layout maintains the clean, black and white aesthetic. This update enhances brand recognition by incorporating a beloved character.

1997 – 2001

Jim Henson Pictures Logo

The latest Jim Henson Pictures logo presents a horizontal layout. Kermit the Frog remains, operating a film camera. However, Kermit now sits on a crane. The text “Jim Henson” in cursive is now placed beside Kermit, not below. The word “PICTURES” appears in smaller, uppercase letters under “Jim Henson”. This new layout creates a balanced, streamlined look. The overall design retains its black and white color scheme. These changes emphasize the cinematic aspect more prominently.