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Color Street, the avant-garde fashion brand originating from the United States, has revolutionized nail care. Fa Park, the brain behind this pioneering conception, established the firm in 1988. The label specializes in the art of nails, offering everything from fake nails to nail polish with a vast array of shades. What sets Color Street apart is its exclusive technology, providing fast drying and a high-gloss finish. The company’s headquarters are situated in New York, while its manufacturing locations are located in Clifton, New Jersey.

Meaning and history

The story of Color Street commenced in a taxi ride when Fa Park observed a passenger attempting to paint her nails while in transit. He witnessed her struggles and was motivated to create a swift and efficient solution. Park experimented with nail polish until he found the ideal formula, which is the foundation of the company’s products so far.

Color Street’s brand idea is centered on both beauty and functionality. Its nail polish strips come in a diverse range of vivid colors with effortless application, swift drying, and simple removal. The brand embodies modernity and versatility, as displayed in its uncomplicated yet elegant logo, which comprises a fundamental palette for nail art.

What is Color Street?
Color Street is a trailblazing fashion label that revolutionized the art of nail styling. Fa Park, the brainchild behind this visionary concept, established the company in 1988. The brand is dedicated to everything nail art, spanning from simulated nails to nail lacquer in a kaleidoscope of hues. The patented technology of Color Street is what sets it apart, providing a rapid-drying and lustrous finish.

1988 – today

Color Street Logo

The firm’s logo radiates a feeling of jubilation and relaxed formality, blending austere jet components with enchanting iridescent inclusions. The symbol is made up of two key elements: text and graphics. The brand’s name caption consisted of two contrasting style words. The graphics section features several multicolored dots placed apart from one another, representing the company’s range of goods.


Color Street Symbol

The logo’s characters are black to contrast against a white backdrop, while the shades in the symbol are light and intense, falling within the neon spectrum.


Color Street Emblem

The company’s name stands out in its logo with two distinct types of lettering. The initial word is crafted in a style that harkens back to Avalon Book by FontSite Inc., with letters that are bolder than usual. Meanwhile, the latter half is executed in a script similar to the Aovel Sans Regular typeface, designed by Alvaro Thomaz. This unique blend of typography and design creates an unforgettable identity for the brand.