Air Jordan Logo

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Air Jordan is an American brand of sports clothes and footwear produced by Nike. It was made as a sign of thankfulness and appreciation to Michael Jordan for his contribution to the publicity of basketball across the world. So, the brand was not ever associated directly with Jordan.

Meaning and History

There’re several opinions on how Air Jordan got this name. One of them reflects that the initial ‘Air’ part was added up because Nike developed the Air technology that was supposed to help your feet feel more fluent. All this was the nod of respect to the ‘air’ style which Michael used to play with.

What is Air Jordan?
Air Jordan is a renowned athletic footwear and apparel brand created by Nike in collaboration with basketball legend Michael Jordan. The brand has achieved global recognition and has become synonymous with high-quality sneakers that blend style and performance, capturing the essence of basketball culture.

1988 – Today

Air Jordan Logo

The current version of the logo represents the jumping basketball player holding the ball. The entire emblem was depicted in the classic black & white palette, which was easy to change according to the background.

Emblem and Symbol

They often put the main logo on a little badge with wings on both sides to signify Jordan’s usual style of playing by dunking the balls from extreme distances. They also put the words ‘Air Jordan’ in uppercase serif on a plaque directly above the main symbol and the wings.