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Ecko Unltd stands as a lifestyle brand rooted in youth culture. Marc Ecko founded it in a modest New Jersey garage. The creation aimed to meld art, music, and fashion into unique apparel. Originally tailored for the urban graffiti scene, the brand quickly expanded.

Meaning and history

Ecko Unltd began in 1993, founded by Marc Ecko. It started as a t-shirt company in his parents’ garage. Ecko’s designs blended graffiti art with youth culture. The brand quickly gained fame for its bold style and streetwear vibe.

By the mid-1990s, Ecko Unltd had expanded into a full clothing line. It incorporated urban influences and hip-hop style. The rhino logo became iconic. Ecko Unltd turned into a lifestyle brand, influencing music, design, and fashion.

In the 2000s, the company launched several other lines. Ecko Red catered specifically to women. Marc Ecko also started Complex magazine in 2002, a platform for youth culture.

Despite its success, Ecko Unltd faced financial struggles. By 2009, it was heavily in debt. The brand filed for bankruptcy in 2014.

However, Ecko Unltd restructured and continued operations. It refocused on digital marketing and collaborations. It remains a staple in streetwear, adapting to new trends and audiences.

What is Ecko Unltd?
Ecko Unltd is a global lifestyle brand that blends music, art, and fashion. Known for its urban and graffiti-inspired apparel, it appeals to youth seeking both style and substance. The brand’s use of the rhinoceros logo is a nod to its rugged and enduring style.

1993 – Today

Ecko Unltd Logo

The image shows a bold logo, featuring a silhouette of a robust rhinoceros encased within a circle. The background is a striking red, symbolizing energy and passion. The rhino stands central, denoting strength and resilience. White outlines create a stark contrast, ensuring visual impact. The design is minimalistic yet powerful, communicating the brand’s urban edge.