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Everlast is a globally recognized brand synonymous with boxing and fitness equipment. It was founded by Jacob Golomb in the Bronx, New York. Originally tailored for swimmers with durable swimwear, it pivoted to boxing gear, famously outfitting champion boxers with robust gloves and equipment. Everlast epitomizes the blend of resilience and innovation in sports apparel, becoming essential to athletes’ grit and performance.

Meaning and history

Everlast Logo history

Everlast started in 1910, Bronx, New York. Jacob Golomb, a swimmer, desired enduring swim gear. His solution: robust swimwear. Soon, the company’s focus shifted to boxing, meeting the demand for reliable boxing equipment. In 1917, a young fighter, Jack Dempsey, requested custom gloves for training. Everlast crafted gloves promoting safety and endurance. Dempsey became world heavyweight champion in 1919, wearing Everlast. This partnership propelled the brand into the boxing limelight.

By the 1960s, Everlast became synonymous with boxing, equipping professionals and amateurs alike. Their gear’s presence in major bouts underscored its quality. Innovation continued; they introduced boxing shoes, apparel, and accessories. The 1980s saw diversification, embracing fitness trends and new sports.

Everlast’s global expansion was marked by collaborations, sponsorships, and endorsements, weaving into the fabric of combat sports. It stands today not just as a brand, but a legacy in the fight world, embodying resilience, quality, and the boxer’s spirit.

What is Everlast?
Everlast is a trailblazer in boxing and fitness gear, famed for equipping warriors of the ring since 1910. Originating in the Bronx, it revolutionized combat sports with innovative, durable equipment, becoming a symbol of resilience and the fighting spirit. Today, Everlast’s iconic logo signifies a heritage of quality and the relentless pursuit of athletic excellence.

1910 – 1978

Everlast Logo 1910

The logo is a striking emblem with a bold, black font proclaiming “EVERLAST,” highlighting its boxing equipment specialization. Established in 1910, the heritage is proudly displayed at the base, framed by a contrasting yellow backdrop. New York, the brand’s birthplace, is honored twice, ensuring the logo’s origin is unmistakable. This design conveys a sense of enduring quality and a rich history in the world of boxing gear.

1978 – Today

Everlast Logo 1978

The logo is a minimalist and modern take on the classic “EVERLAST” insignia, featuring stark, angular lettering. Gone are any explicit nods to its establishment date or location, replaced by a singular, stylized “E” beneath, suggesting movement or a swoosh. This pared-back design exudes contemporary simplicity, focusing solely on the brand name and its iconic initial, ensuring a bold and clean impact. It’s a streamlined evolution from its predecessor, emphasizing brand recognition and a forward-looking ethos.

2011 – Today

Everlast Logo

In this iteration of the logo, the “EVERLAST” text adopts a softer gray tone, deviating from the stark black of its predecessor. The emblematic “E” now pops in a sunny yellow, injecting vibrancy and contrast. This design shift suggests a blend of tradition with a modern, approachable vibe. The overall effect is less aggressive, more in tune with a wide consumer base, while still retaining the brand’s strong identity through its unmistakable typography.