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The main airport of the airline was the Leonardo da Vinci Airport, Rome. Aircraft left the base to Reggio Calabria, Milan, and Genoa on a daily basis, which made it a very convenient local airline. Other destinations were scheduled less frequently. ItAli also had an air taxi division in addition to regular passenger and cargo flights. Like many airlines, ItAli Airlines had a frequent flyer program known as ItAli Sky Pass. The airline owned ten aircraft and leased Airbus A320-200 for a year. The company, though, did not have a long history and has long left the airport tabloids.

Meaning and History

ItAli Airlines SpA began operations in October 2003. Giuseppe Spadacchini was the sole owner of the company. Initially, all the available flights were within the country, including Genoa, Milan, and Reggio Calabria. Later, ItAli Airlines added Paris, France as another destination. The company carried out regional regular, charter, and cargo transportation. The company had a subsidiary, MustFly, which added air taxi services and served as an additional income source for the airline. Unfortunately, there was news in 2010 that the company owner did not pay taxes as required by law and was arrested along with other involved individuals. The company was closed in 2011 because it had performance along with financial issues. The Italian Civil Aviation Authority took the licenses the company had right away.

What is ItAli Airlines S.P.A?
ItAli Airlines S.P.A. was a popular flight provider in Italy that had a relatively short history. It had flights to one of the popular cities in Europe, namely Paris, as well as several local airports.

2003 – 2011

ItAli Airlines S.p.A. Logo

The ItAli Airlines S.p.A. logo consists of the wordmark “ItAli Airlines”, which is written in two lines. The first word is done in large letters of the same height, while the second has thin lines and widely spaced letters. The main colors are dark and light blue. The latter is used for the “Ali” portion of the name, while the remaining letters are done in a darker color. They symbolize clear night sky and clear day sky as well as favorable weather for flights. There is even a small white cloud in the center of the “A”, which further confirms that the blue colors were not a random choice for this airline. The letter “I” in the word “Ali” has a small image of the Italian flag instead of a dot above the “I” to highlight the country of origin of the brand.

Font and Color

A dark shade of blue is used for the “It” part of the name as well as the word as well as the word “Airlines”. The “Ali” portion is done in sky blue. Besides the direct correlation with the sky and open spaces, the blue color used for the emblem is associated with reliability, professionalism, loyalty, and trustworthiness. There is also a small Italian flag in the emblem, which adds white, green, and red colors to the logo. the airline went with a very simple sans serif font that features straight lines and square corners. The letters “I” and “A” are capitalized, but the other letters in the first line have the same height. The letter “A” has a horizontally cut top, which makes it look as if the capital letters were cut to the same height as the other letters. The word “Airlines” is done using all uppercase letters. They are quite thin and widely spaced to make both lines the same width.