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Star Alliance is the oldest and by far the biggest airline alliance in the world. There are 26 members in this alliance, and they all basically share marketing budgets, facilities and sometimes even property. Many prominent airlines, such as Avianca, United Airlines, Thai Airways and more are part of this coalition.

Meaning and History

Star Alliance was created in 1997 by United Airlines and four other major companies from North America and Europe. This was the first instance of an airline alliance being founded, and the name actually was adopted by the general concept (the ‘airline alliances’). The alliance now has members even outside America and Europe.

What is Star Alliance?
It’s the first ever airline alliance. They gather their resources together to further one another’s business, basically.

1997 – today

Star Alliance Logo

The emblem of the Star Alliance looks like five pyramids observed from above. In practice, it’s just several metallic-looking triangles, which is the reference to the fact that there were five founding members, as well as a famous pictures of five airplanes parked face-to-face upon the founding of the alliance in 1997.

Where does Star Alliance fly?
Collectively, the alliance provides services to almost every country on Earth.

They usually put the alliance name immediately to the emblem’s left. The letters are plain and thin sans-serif letters colored in black. All of them are exclusively capital, as is the case with the slogan written right below the name. There, the letters are slightly smaller to fit the same width, but the style is exactly the same.

The slogan says: ‘the way the Earth connects’.

Emblem and Symbol

Who owns Star Alliance?
This alliance isn’t really owned by anyone. United Airlines, Thai Airways, Lufthansa, Air Canada and Scandinavian Airlines were the founders, though.

When some member uses the Star Alliance livery to decorate their airplane, they usually cover the rear stabilizer in black. Then, they commonly put the five-piece emblem right in its center. The same logic applies to the emblem when it’s used separately from the rest of the logo. When used alone, it’s usually put in the center of a black square.