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Skyteam is one of the three giant alliances of airlines, which includes the Russian, Italian, French, Chinese, South Korean and many other airlines. It also operates the cargo partnership named Skyteam Cargo. The central management and offices of the alliance are located in the Schiphol Airport in Haarlemmermeer (Amsterdam sub-city), Netherlands.

Who owns Skyteam?
It’s now owned by anybody. However, the founder members (Delta Airlines, Air France, Aeromexico and Korean Air) are rather influential.

Meaning and History

The company was founded in the year 2000, when the bosses of American, Mexican, French and Korean airlines made a meeting in New York City to form the third airline alliance in competition to the Star Alliance and Oneworld. As the name for the new company, the bosses chose the simple, but associative with the air variant – Skyteam.

What is Skyteam?
It’s an airline alliance. Basically, it’s when the airlines across the world come together to share their resources.

2000 – today

SkyTeam Logo

The first and the last company trademark consist of the sans serif name with the space between strong straight letters. It is written in the semicircle, near the curious image of three wavy lines which are intertwined by the fourth one. Right side from the image, we can see another semicircular line. All this is drawn in blue color on the white background.

Emblem and Symbol

Where does Skyteam fly?
It’s not as big as Star Alliance. However, the members still provide coverage to nearly the entire world.

The brand logotype is often used in the horizontal style. It this case, the three-line image with the semicircle is placed left side from the huge capitalized name of the company. Below the name, we can see the company main tagline ‘Caring more about you’. All this, the emblems and the inscription with the tagline, has the dark blue color palette.