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Cessna is a major manufacturer of jet planes from America. For the longest time, they were also one of the biggest producers of piston-driven airplanes, most of which were small personal models. Late in the 20th century, they were bought off and eventually ended up being a subsidiary of Textron.

Meaning and History

Cessna Logo history

The company was created in 1927 by a flying enthusiast Clyde Cessna, although it wasn’t until 1933 that the firm started making planes, due to Great Depression. They found their fame after the war, when flying quickly became a popular and relatively cheap mode of traveling.

Who owns Cessna?
Cessna is a subsidiary of Textron Aviation. They, in turn, are a subsidiary of Textron – a big industrial conglomerate from America.

1940 – 1950

Cessna Logo 1940

The first logo they had was completely black. There was the company name, written in black serif letters, and right over the lowercase parts they also put a sort of horizontal tick mark that was supposed to represent a plane.

1950 – 1970

Cessna Logo 1950

The second one is likely the most iconic Cessna logo – a whole biplane made out of letters. They organized them so that the first character was shaped like the tip of the plane, and the rest resembled the body. On the right, they also added a stabilizer with a ribbon attached to it, the company’s location on it.

What is Cessna?
Cessna is an airplane manufacturer. Right now, they are one of the major, even though slightly faded, brands.

On the left, they added a propeller, a wheel and a wing (that could actually be a bird wing). They were usually black outlines, and the color would be decided according to the current needs. The usual corporal variant is white.

1970 – 1992

Cessna Logo 1970

The one they used then depicts the company name written in blue lowercase letters, sandwiched between two bloated rectangles. They are much like the usual rectangles, although one side on each is curved away. The lower one is red, and the upper one is beige.

They also put three rectangles inside the upper section: two blue ones and red one.

1992 – today

Cessna Logo

The modern logo, adopted after the company was acquired by Textron, is a square shape pierced diagonally by a white silhouette of a plane. The space left between is red around the back of the plane and blue closer to the front. There was also a name inscription right below, written in a plain, black sans-serif script.

Emblem and Symbol

What does Cessna make?
They primarily make personal jets. Historically, they were big in piston engine jets and were amongst the top producers of this commodity.

The company doesn’t usually decorate their planes with their emblems. In fact, Cessna doesn’t normally decorate them at all. Sometimes they run a red stripe of pain alongside the plane’s body and a blue one alongside the cabin and on the wings. That’s as far as the livery decoration goes.