Aeroméxico Logo

Aeromexico (full name Aerovias de Mexico) is the primary and oldest airline company in Mexico. It’s responsible for most flights out of the country, as well as the largest fleet amongst the Mexican airlines. There many destinations, but the flights would usually take you somewhere in Americas or into Europe.

Meaning and History

Aeroméxico Logo history

Aeromexico was founded and put to work in 1934, in the time when commercial flying started becoming more and more alluring. As such, they are amongst the oldest airline companies in the Western Hemisphere, older than most prominent providers in the United States.

1934 – 1953

Aeroméxico Logo 1934

Back in the day, they were called ‘Aeronaves de Mexico’, which can be translated to ‘Airplanes of Mexico’. They featured this name in black on the outer layer of a seal-like circle they used as an emblem. Inside it was a black bird with wide wings (likely a golden eagle – the national bird of Mexico).

1953 – 1960

Aeroméxico Logo 1953

By 1953, they slightly changed the design. Primarily, the outer layer of the ‘seal’ became black instead of the previous white. Subsequently, the letters were repainted white, although they also changed positioning. The first word of the name was on the upper part of this ring, while the rest remained in the bottom.

The eagle shape inside also changed slightly. They generally just rotated it counterclockwise a bit.

1960 – 1972

Aeroméxico Logo 1960

In 1960, they introduced the first designs of what became a widely-known logo of a man wearing an eagle’s head as headwear. It’s reminiscent of what people perceive the old Aztec warriors as.

The illustration in question would usually be white with black components to highlight certain elements. It was positioned so that the face was immediately in the center of the logo. Behind it were an orange circle and an outer ring with the black inscriptions, much like before.

1972 – 1981

Aeroméxico Logo 1972

The 1972 logo was simply the eagle-wearing man by himself. In this iteration, however, the logo was mirrored. Otherwise, it was pretty similar – a black-and-white illustration of a bird’s head covering a face with barely any distinctive features. Even the eyes are darkened for mysteriousness.

However, it’s also different. Everything from the eagle’s feathers to a beak to eyes is cartoonish and too geometrical. The same goes to the face of a man – the facial features are now more protruding and blocky.

1981 – 1988

Aeroméxico Logo 1981

The next logo simplified once more. This time they opted for an orange color, seeing how it was still part of the brand. However, much of the emblem was now just general shapes with slits for eyes and other elements worth highlighting. The feathers in particular were now just 3, and they were basic compared to the previous attempts.

1988 – 1988

Aeroméxico Logo 1988

In 1988, another simplification attempt followed. The logo was pretty much carried on unsullied, except for two changes: the feathers that now became just horizontal lines of blue and white, and the coloring. It was now also just dark blue.

1988 – today

Aeroméxico Logo

That very year, they decided to change the logo again to make it more pleasant. They basically sanded down the angles and made the emblem generally softer. It’s now much more fluid and pleasant to look at.

Emblem and Symbol

In addition to the emblem (usually put onto the vertical stabilizers for identification), they use the company name to label planes and for branding. It’s usually styled as ‘AeroMexico’, written in dark blue and a generally plain font. Notably, there is usually no space between the letters.