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Emirates Airlines is a major airline in United Arab Emirates, as well as a flag carrier for this country. They primarily operate across the countries of Asia, although there are many destinations in Europe and America. The airline has one of the largest fleets in the Middle East.

Meaning and History

Emirates Logo history

Emirates Airlines was created in 1985 with the backing of the royal family of Dubai (the chief emirate in the Union). It was created as an alternative to international airlines that could abort their operations in UAE at any time. As one of the first proper airline companies in UAE, the name choice is obvious.

Who owns Emirates?
It’s technically a private entity. However, it’s strongly connected to the government of UAE, so it may as well be a state-owned company.

1985 – 1999

Emirates Logo 1985

The Emirates logo basically consists of the two variations of their name: in Arabic and English. The Arabic version occupies most of the space, but they also didn’t write it in one single line. There are several characters, and they’ve all been jammed into one square amalgamation.

What is Emirates?
It’s an airline that was created specifically for the needs of UAE citizens. Furthermore, they are instrumental for advancing the tourism.

Right below, they’ve written ‘Emirates’ in English using a rather basic serif typeface, and they didn’t jam this one together. Usually they colored both things red, but other variations are also known.

1999 – today

Emirates Logo

In 1999, they changed a few things. Firstly, the main color changed to a slightly paler red shade. Secondly, the English inscription grew in size (proportionally to the Arabic one). Thirdly, the writings became smoother – it applies to both variations. It means there are fewer sharp details and uniform, plain forms.

Emblem and Symbol

Where does Emirates fly?
They fly all over Asia. Their preferred locations are in the Western and Central Asia, however.

The airline’s plane livery is a bit different. Firstly, they don’t use red as much there. Instead, the parts of the logo used on the hull are colored in gold. Moreover, when they use the Arabic inscription, they disentangle it back into the usual position. And lastly, they like to put a big UAE flag on the tails of their vessels.


They have written the ‘Emirates’ part in a sans-serif font, which is cleaner and more contemporary compared to the serif font used previously. Yet the characters feature custom elements such as curled and sharp tips. They are evenly spaced and have a uniform thickness, enhancing readability and a modern aesthetic.


Their color code remains a similar shade of red, maintaining the brand’s recognition and the emotions associated with it.