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Jockey is an iconic apparel brand, acclaimed for revolutionizing underwear with its introduction of the first men’s brief. Founded by Samuel T. Cooper in St. Joseph, Michigan, it started as a hosiery company in 1876. Cooper’s vision was to provide comfortable, durable products, initially for lumberjacks. Jockey has since become synonymous with quality innerwear and sportswear for all genders, blending comfort with innovation. Their pioneering spirit continues to define the brand globally.

Meaning and history

Jockey Logo history

Jockey, a renowned apparel brand, began in 1876 in St. Joseph, Michigan, USA. Founder Samuel T. Cooper started with hosiery. Initially, he aimed to help lumberjacks with quality socks. The company’s name was Cooper’s Inc. then. In 1934, a revolutionary change came: the Jockey brief. Arthur Kneibler, a designer, received a postcard with a man in a bikini-style swimsuit. This inspired the iconic Jockey brief design. It provided unprecedented support and comfort. The first batch, 600 pairs, sold out immediately in Chicago. This success led to national expansion. Jockey’s innovation continued: introducing the first men’s Y-front brief. In the 1950s, Jockey expanded internationally. They’ve been a pioneer in underwear design since. Jockey’s commitment to quality and innovation remains strong. Today, they offer a wide range of products for men, women, and children worldwide. Their legacy continues, blending tradition and innovation.

What is Jockey?
Jockey is a globally recognized apparel brand, renowned for pioneering the modern underwear industry with its innovative designs. Originating in the late 19th century, it revolutionized comfort and style in men’s undergarments, notably with the introduction of the first briefs. Today, Jockey continues to expand its legacy, offering a diverse range of clothing for all genders, known for quality and comfort.

1936 – 1962

Jockey Logo 1936

The logo depicts the word “Jockey” in bold, cobalt blue letters, with a playful cursive “wear” perched atop. Below, “UNDERWEAR” anchors the design in a straightforward, unembellished font. A whimsical asterisk floats to the right of “Jockey,” adding a touch of whimsy. The mix of fonts suggests a blend of fun and simplicity, encapsulating the brand’s approach to everyday comfort with a hint of flair. The color choice is striking, ensuring visual impact and brand recognition.

1962 – 2007

Jockey Logo 1962

This logo presents the word “JOCKEY” in bold, black letters, with a distinctive character—a stylized jockey. The jockey figure is minimalistic, wearing a cap and depicted in profile, suggesting the brand’s equestrian roots. The typography is clean and sans-serif, exuding a modern, straightforward aesthetic. This design is a blend of simplicity and symbolism, effectively conveying the brand’s heritage in a contemporary style.

2007 – Today

Jockey Logo

In this evolution of the Jockey logo, the letter ‘J’ transforms into an abstract, swirling figure, evoking dynamism and fluidity. Gone is the literal jockey silhouette, replaced by a suggestive, curvilinear form that imparts a sense of movement and perhaps a nod to the brand’s namesake without explicit imagery. The other letters remain in a solid, sans-serif type, maintaining the brand’s modern and clean aesthetic. This design choice reflects a shift towards abstraction, focusing on the energy and spirit of the brand rather than a literal representation.