Maison Mihara Yasuhiro Logo

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Maison Mihara Yasuhiro is a distinctive Japanese fashion brand, renowned for blending traditional craftsmanship with avant-garde designs. Created by designer Mihara Yasuhiro in Tokyo, Japan, the brand initially gained fame for its innovative footwear before expanding into a full clothing line. Yasuhiro’s work is celebrated for its unique approach to deconstruction and reconfiguration, aiming to challenge conventional fashion norms and express individuality through bold, creative expressions.

Meaning and history

Maison Mihara Yasuhiro started in Tokyo, 1996, initially focusing on shoes. Mihara Yasuhiro, the founder, led its creative vision. The brand quickly stood out for innovative footwear. By early 2000s, it expanded into clothing, blending traditional craftsmanship with edgy designs. Despite global expansion, the brand remained under Yasuhiro’s creative control, preserving its unique identity. Collaborations with international labels boosted its profile. Throughout, production techniques evolved, incorporating more sustainable practices. Maison Mihara maintains its Tokyo roots, reflecting Yasuhiro’s commitment to Japanese craftsmanship and avant-garde fashion. The brand continues innovating, never changing hands, staying true to its original ethos.

What is Maison Mihara?
Maison Mihara Yasuhiro emerges as a beacon of innovative design, where Japanese craftsmanship collides with avant-garde fashion sensibilities. Founded by the visionary Mihara Yasuhiro, the brand redefines traditional footwear and apparel with a daring, unconventional twist.


Maison Mihara Logo

The logo features bold, uppercase lettering spelling “MIHARA YASUHIRO”, conveying a strong, assertive presence. A distinct inkblot symbol punctuates the space between the two names, injecting a dash of artistic unpredictability and flair. This abstract mark hints at the brand’s philosophy of creativity and individuality, suggesting a fusion of meticulous design with spontaneous expression. The stark monochrome palette speaks to the label’s sophistication and timeless appeal.