Malibu Logo

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What is Malibu Logo

Malibu is a brand of liqueur, which has been founded in Barbados islands – a small nation in the Caribbean Sea, close to South America – in 1982. Malibu is one of the most popular alcohol brands in the world. Since 2005 Malibu is owned by the French company Pernod Ricard.

Meaning and History

Have you been thinking, why did the brand designers come up with this visual identity? Well, as Malibu is a brand with Caribbean origins, its marketing reflect the spirit of this region. The sunshine logotype of the brand are supposed to share the Caribbean atmosphere with the people across the world

1982 – Today

Malibu Logo

The initial black and white logotype of the brand depicts the sunny island somewhere in Caribs. The palm tree is shined by the sunset on the background. Above this emblem, the name of the brand is showing off. Designers used the volumetric typeface with serifs for the inscription. This logo is still being used today.

Emblem and Symbol

The company always wanted to be in step with the modern public. At first, the logo was monochrome black and white, but then it gained the orange sunshine and brown palm trees. Due to this redesign, the trademark adapted to the e-commerce, but its mood became less serious.