The a2 Milk Company Logo

The a2 Milk Company is a diary corporation from New Zealand. Being a rather successful company, they operate across the Pacific Ocean – all thanks to their revolutionary product called the A2 milk. It’s the same composition, except without the harmful (as per their research) A1 protein.

Meaning and History

The a2 Milk Company Logo history

The company started in 2000, and it was as much a science project as a commercial entity, because for the longest time their goal was to see whether you can successfully produce the A1-free milk mass-scale. The result was the introduction of the ‘A2 milk’ – the same milk sans harmful proteins.

2000 – 2014

The a2 Milk Company Logo 2000

The initial logo was pretty much just a blue circle with the inscription ‘a2’ on it, in thin white letters. They mostly used it on the products, although it was also a widely-accepted company logo.

2014 – 2018

The a2 Milk Company Logo 2014

The logo introduced in 2014 after the company was renamed from A2 Corporation to The a2 Milk Company was this very name presented in three lines in precisely the same style of letters (the size was inconsistent, though). The font used here was soft and rather fluid, while the color was purple all over the lettering.

2018 – today

The a2 Milk Company Logo

The 2018 logo was instead the ‘a2’ part taken from the previous logo, colored white and put into a purple circle. Additionally, they put the company’s full name along the upper line, and their slogan of ‘feel the difference’ similarly below. Both were purple.

Emblem and Symbol

Much of the A2 symbolic is very inconsistent in the visual sense. The geometric shapes (mostly circles in the case with this company) are more like blots of paint with vague cohesion. The letters are styled as serif but much softer and friendlier. There are no sharp angles or really any geometry other than circular.