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What is Meta Logo

Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg announced the name change of his corporation. The company will bear the name Meta, RIA Novosti writes.

Meta Logо

“Our brand is closely related to the social network Facebook, but we are no longer the only one. It’s time to choose a new brand for everything we do and what we do. From now on, our company is called Meta, ”the businessman said.

Rebranding means a company’s focus on the metaverse, he said. In it, a person will no longer need the screens of smartphones and laptops, and he will experience the effect of being present in virtual reality.

In addition, a new corporate logo has already been presented. It is a blue Mobius strip – a mathematical concept that describes a figure that looks like an infinity sign.

Meta Symbol

“I used to like classic research, and the word Meta comes from the Greek word for after,” said the IT entrepreneur.

He also added that this form is symbolic for him: you can always come up with and implement something new.