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Moose Knuckles is a luxury Canadian outerwear brand, founded by Will Poho and Mark Peros. Originating in Montreal, it was created to offer high-quality, stylish, and durable winter jackets and apparel. The brand combines robust functionality with sleek design, catering to those seeking premium cold-weather fashion. Known for its distinctive logo and commitment to craftsmanship, Moose Knuckles delivers warmth and style in the chilliest conditions.

Meaning and history

Moose Knuckles, a Canadian luxury brand, started in 2009. Founders were Will Poho and Mark Peros. It specialized in premium outerwear. Initially, it focused on Canadian markets. Its appeal grew internationally, attracting a global audience. The brand is known for its quality and style. Over time, it expanded beyond outerwear to include a full range of apparel. Moose Knuckles maintained its production values, emphasizing Canadian craftsmanship. Despite its growth, the brand kept its core identity intact. It became a symbol of luxury and durability in cold weather fashion.

Throughout its history, Moose Knuckles stayed true to its roots while evolving to meet contemporary fashion needs. It remains a sought-after brand for those valuing quality, style, and performance.

What is Moose Knuckles?
Moose Knuckles stands as a beacon of luxury in the cold-weather fashion landscape, hailing from the heart of Canada since 2009. It blends impeccable craftsmanship with cutting-edge design, offering an array of outerwear and apparel that promises both warmth and style.


Moose Knuckles Logo

The logo’s inventive letter play captures attention, morphing the ‘OO’s ingeniously into the silhouette of a moose’s hoof, a clever nod to the brand’s name. A bold, sans-serif typeface sets this visual pun, injecting a contemporary touch into the design. With its clever exploitation of negative space and iconic imagery, the logo actively expresses the brand’s ties to Canada’s wild, outdoor heritage.