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This manga is considered the most famous manga in the world. The plot of the manga is very interesting. The main character, the boy Naruto, dreams of becoming Hokage, that is, the best ninja in the village. Initially, Naruto is a little boy who doesn’t know his parents, lives alone, and mostly messes around and draws attention to himself. This manga shows why everyone hates Naruto, who he really is, where he got unusual abilities from, and how Naruto finds friends and fights enemies in order to become the best ninja. He shows how to overcome his own weakness and difficulties and remain human. In the manga, one can note the friendship of the characters because, despite the quarrels, the characters will never leave each other for anything and will always fight to the end.

Meaning and history

Naruto is a manga comic book created by Masashi Kishimoto and first published in 1999. Over six hundred chapters have been released in 2012. The last one was published in 2015. This manga has 72 volumes and 700 chapters. These are big numbers for a manga, so it can be attributed to one of the longest. The anime based on the manga has 624 episodes. The story of the life of a noisy and restless teenage ninja Naruto Uzumaki, who dreams of achieving universal recognition, gained worldwide fame. The reader can trace the whole formation of a character from a little boy to a strong young man.

What is Naruto?
Kishimoto has been drawing the manga for 15 years, which is probably why it is so popular! All chapters, except for the last one, are black and white. It used to be published one chapter a week. Now, everyone can read everything at once. The manga has a huge number of wonderful characters with interesting characters and history, a lot of intrigue, interesting fights, and a lot of uncomplicated humor, and evokes truly strong emotions.

1999 – now

Naruto Logo

The manga logo was coined with the first comic book series and since then has never changed. It consists of the name of the main character Naruto in graffiti style. The letters are large, written in casual handwriting. The predominant colors are yellow – the color of the main character’s hair, and orange – the color of his costume. The letters have an unusual white and black/dark blue outline, where the white serves as the outline of the letter and the black gives it a 3D feel. The letters barely touch, which makes them look like one whole. In general, the logo is very bright and rich and perfectly conveys the eccentric energy of the main character – Naruto. Behind the name, there are three pink oval shapes drawn at a diagonal and mostly covered by the letters. There is also a small inscription of the name in Japanese done in red color.

Font and Color

The logo features a custom font that has uneven edges along with a border and shadow that create a 3D appearance. The letters are mostly rounded with a few sharp ends, which creates an interesting contrast and gives some dynamics. The colors are very bright with some dark blue or black. An orange and yellow gradient is used for the letters with pink, red, black, and white being used for other elements. Overall, such colors symbolize power, strength, energy, youth, hope, and excitement. The black adds a little mystery and might symbolize the dark, hard times the character had to go through.