Reddit Logo

Reddit is a famous forum launched in 2005 by the company with the same name where people can share their opinions according to the topic of the discussion. Your opinion can be downvoted or upvoted – this is the way people can rate comments of each other.
Being the most popular form of all, Reddit gives you an opportunity to talk to the different people on the themes.

Meaning and History

Reddit Logo history

The logo was designed by Alexis Ohanian, the co-fouder of the company, during his study of marketing. He was bored and tried to find something to do. Soon after, he started to drawn sketches in his notebook. As soon as he got to home that night, the digital version of the image was ready.

2005 – 2017

Reddit Logo 2005

The initial concept included a white alien with orange-colored eyes and antenna on the head. Also he had a black contour. This alien was called Snoo – an abbreviation of ‘What’s new?’. The emblem was placed on the left from the sans-serif lettering made in black symbols. The dot above the letter ‘i’ had a white color with a black surrounding.

2017 – 2023

Reddit Logo 2017

The redesign of 2017 added a modernity to the Reddit’s brand visual identity. The new logo represents a solid orange circle with a white Snoo’s head in it. The eyes and mouth are colored orange as well.
The typeface was also freshened. The black letters got bolder, fuller and a bit wider. The dot upon the ‘i’ got much more expressive for its bold look and also was colored orange.

2023 – Today

Reddit Logo

The logo is the instantly recognizable brand mark of Reddit, the popular social news aggregation, web content rating, and discussion website. It features the Reddit mascot, affectionately known as ‘Snoo’, a simple yet charming alien character with a rounded head, perked-up ears, and an antenna capped with a bent circle, which suggests dynamic signal transmission or an active state of communication. Snoo’s face is a study in minimalism, with two orange-red dots for eyes and a curved, smiling mouth that conveys friendliness and approachability. The mascot is enveloped in a bright orange circle, which not only frames the character but also represents the platform’s global reach. To the right of Snoo, the word “reddit” is spelled out in lowercase, bold, sans-serif typeface, in the same vibrant orange, signifying enthusiasm and community warmth. The color choice is strategic, as orange is often associated with creativity, joy, and sociability, which are key aspects of the Reddit user experience. The design balances playful imagery with straightforward typography, encapsulating the platform’s balance of lighthearted social interaction and serious discussion.

Emblem and Symbol

Symbol Reddit

The antenna on the head of the mascot symbolizes that the alien is able of travelling in time or space. The red color of the eyes as what makes Snooa stand out of the variety of other alien emblems. No matter how the mascot’s design changes, but this feature remains every time.

The typeface with bold and wide letters does not have any cap letters – that’s the tendency of getting rid of capitals. It allows the logo to look clearer and pretty solid.