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Oracle Corporation is engaged in providing products and services that cover all aspects of corporate information technology. Oracle develops, manufactures, sells, hosts and supports information technology (IT) applications, platforms and infrastructure solutions worldwide. The headquarters is located in California (USA). The company serves enterprises, government entities, educational institutions, and resellers.

Meaning and History

Oracle Logo history

Founded in 1977, Oracle is a software development company and a major supplier of server hardware. Its history began in the legendary Silicon Valley in the USA when a young programmer Larry Ellison dropped out of Yale University to start his own business. He persuaded two of his former colleagues to form their own company, which proved to be a great idea. The three developed a project called Oracle for the CIA. Over the years, the company grew and even acquired dozens of companies to further expand its operations.

What is Oracle?

This is an American information technology corporation. Products distributed by Oracle run on a wide variety of hardware platforms and operating systems. It has over 230 thousand customers worldwide, from small and medium businesses to global corporations.

1979 – 1983

Oracle Logo 1979

Originally, the company was known as Relational Software Systems, Inc., which was clearly stated on the logo. The words had the first letter capitalized and were done in orange with a shadow, which gave some volume to the letters. The background was very bold and featured a red rectangle with a line on the left. It was placed on a larger black rectangle for even more contrast. It seemed that the background competed with the name of the company, but it definitely caught attention.

1983 – 1995

Oracle Logo 1983

After the name has changed, it was necessary to update the logo. It had a completely different style and was done in a minimalistic and more timeless way. The logo reflected the new name in large bold letters. The letters had smooth and rounded lines, with the letter “C” and “E” looking more like a turned “U”. The first letter “O” was stretched horizontally, so it had an oval shape. The ends of the letters were cut diagonally, but at the same time, all the corners were slightly rounded. Under the main line, it stated “Oracle Corporation”. The words were also done in black, but the font was completely different, including its size and how tall and close the letter were to each other.

1995 – Today

Oracle Logo

The new logo brought the original colors back. It featured a bright, bold orange color. The second line that stated “Oracle Corporation” was removed. The look and shape of the letters from the top line, which simply said “Oracle” in capital letters, remained completely unchanged with one exception – the color. The company also added an interesting element to the logo. It played with the horizontal oval shape of the first letter “O” and turned it into the company’s emblem. This element looked about three times bigger than the letters and had a thick line. It not only stood for the company’s name, as it looked exactly like the letter “O”, but also reflected how interconnected all the company’s products are.