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Oshkosh B’gosh is a renowned American children’s apparel company. A man named Frank E. Grove established it. He launched the brand in Oshkosh, Wisconsin. Originally, it was created to manufacture durable clothing for adults. The brand gained prominence for its hard-wearing children’s overalls.

Meaning and history

Oshkosh Bgosh Logo history

Oshkosh B’gosh was founded in 1895. The company first focused on work clothing for laborers. Its most iconic product, children’s bib overalls, was introduced in the 1900s to match the adult versions they were famed for. This choice tapped into a market that appreciated the rugged durability such clothing offered. Over time, the brand evolved and expanded its product line to include a wide range of children’s clothing items. Throughout the 20th century, Oshkosh B’gosh became synonymous with quality and durability in children’s wear. Major expansion in the 1970s solidified its market presence.

What is Oshkosh B’gosh?
Oshkosh B’gosh is a children’s clothing brand, known primarily for its durable overalls. The company started by making workwear and later specialized in apparel for kids. It offers a variety of children’s clothing that emphasizes quality and durability.

1895 – 1949

OshKosh BGosh Logo 1895

The logo features bold, capitalized black lettering spelling “OSHKOSH” above a smaller “EST. 1895”. The established date curves gracefully underneath. Overall, the logo’s stark black-and-white color scheme projects a classic, timeless feel, while the font choice reflects a strong and sturdy image, hinting at the brand’s heritage in durable workwear.

1949 – 1965

OshKosh BGosh Logo 1949

This logo showcases the name “Oshkosh B’gosh” in a robust, hand-styled font. The color is a deep green, contrasting with a tan background. A prominent “O” begins the sequence, with “B’gosh” playfully tilted upward. Beneath, “UNION MADE” asserts the brand’s commitment to quality labor. The logo’s handcrafted look conveys a sense of tradition and authenticity. It embodies a casual yet confident spirit, aligning with the brand’s durable, down-to-earth apparel legacy.

1965 – 1986

OshKosh BGosh Logo 1965

The logo transitions to a bright yellow and deep blue color scheme. “SINCE 1895” now prominently sits atop, establishing heritage. The font is bolder, more playful, and the letter “O” in “OSHKOSH” no longer features a line. The phrase “B’gosh” maintains its unique curved style, providing continuity. The blue border frames the logo, enhancing its visual impact. This rendition pops with color, suggesting a more modern and approachable brand image while retaining its historic roots.

1986 – 2003

OshKosh BGosh Logo 1986

The logo returns to a simple, monochromatic palette. It boasts a clean, sans-serif typeface with a pronounced “O” starting the name. “B’gosh” follows, maintaining the brand’s playful essence, now beneath “OSHKOSH” and without tilt or curve. The design exudes modernity and simplicity, focusing on legibility and a contemporary aesthetic. It reflects a streamlined brand identity, emphasizing a straightforward, no-nonsense approach to children’s fashion.

2003 – 2011

OshKosh BGosh Logo 2003

Now in navy blue, the logo’s text exhibits a softer, rounded sans-serif typeface. The “OshKosh” part stands bold and uppercase, whereas “B’gosh” flows underneath in a whimsical, lowercase font, topped with an apostrophe that playfully mirrors the curve of the ‘b’. This script-like flourish injects a friendly, approachable vibe. The design reflects a blend of modernity with a nod to the brand’s whimsical, kid-friendly spirit, emphasizing approachability and warmth in its children’s apparel line.

2011 – Today

OshKosh BGosh Logo

In this iteration, the logo maintains the navy hue but streamlines its font design. The “OSHKOSH” is bold and capitalized, with a line underpinning it for emphasis. “B’gosh” appears in a cursive, more relaxed script beneath, with a dynamic underline that adds movement. This design balances professionalism with a sense of playfulness, resonating with both quality and fun—core aspects of children’s apparel. The consistent use of blue across the logo suggests reliability and trust, key traits for a brand catering to children.