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Palm Angels is a high-end fashion brand that merges the rugged grace of LA skate culture with meticulous Italian craftsmanship. Created by Francesco Ragazzi, it initially began as a photographic exploration of Southern California’s skateboarding scene. The Milan-based label is renowned for its blend of streetwear and luxury, featuring ready-to-wear, accessories, and footwear. It captures the spirit of American style with a European edge, aimed at those who appreciate a blend of sophistication and subculture.

Meaning and history

Palm Angels emerged from Francesco Ragazzi’s lens, spotlighting LA’s skate culture. Founded in Milan, 2015, it redefines luxury streetwear. Initially a photo project, it evolved into a fashion brand. Ragazzi, blending LA cool with Italian craftsmanship, created iconic designs. The brand’s logo tees, tracksuits, and upscale accessories blend subculture with elegance. Palm Angels disrupts fashion norms, merging skateboards with runways. It’s a narrative of American freedom, tailored by Italian hands. Each collection tells a story of rebellion and sophistication. Palm Angels is where skate parks meet high fashion, creating a unique dialogue in the fashion world.

What is Palm Angels?
Palm Angels stands as a bridge between the laid-back vibes of Californian skate culture and the refined craftsmanship of Italian fashion. Spearheaded by Francesco Ragazzi, it transforms streetwear into a canvas of luxury, blending the rebellious spirit of skate parks with the sophistication of Milanese design.


Palm Angels Logo

The logo features gothic, black-letter typography with a modern twist, symbolizing the fusion of streetwear and high fashion. The “Palm” and “Angels” text is arranged in a symmetrical formation, exuding a sense of balance and edginess. The letters possess a distinctive flair, with ornate serifs that hint at tradition while the clean lines convey contemporary boldness. This design embodies the brand’s ethos of merging the rebellious skate culture with sophisticated design.