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Police is a lifestyle brand known for its urban-inspired designs, blending modern aesthetics with a rebellious edge. Originating in Italy in 1983, it initially focused on creating stylish sunglasses. Over time, Police expanded its range to include a variety of accessories like watches, jewelry, and perfumes, catering to a contemporary audience that values bold, distinctive styles. Embodying a mix of Italian craftsmanship and metropolitan vibe, Police has become synonymous with an adventurous and unconventional spirit. The brand’s evolution from eyewear to a broader fashion label reflects its commitment to diversity and innovation in the fashion world.

Meaning and history

Police, a trailblazer in the fashion industry, embarked on its innovative journey in Italy in 1983. Initially carving its niche in the sunglasses market, Police quickly distinguished itself with its daring and unconventional designs. These designs captivated a generation seeking to express individuality and boldness, establishing Police as a symbol of avant-garde style.

As the brand’s acclaim grew, it ventured into new territories, evolving into a comprehensive lifestyle brand. This expansion saw the introduction of a diverse array of products including sophisticated watches, trendy jewelry, and signature fragrances. Each new line echoed the foundational principles of Police – edginess and distinctiveness, blending traditional craftsmanship with a modern, cosmopolitan flair.

During the late 1990s and early 2000s, Police’s influence extended globally, thanks in part to strategic collaborations with renowned personalities in its marketing campaigns. These collaborations not only enhanced its international appeal but also reinforced its image as a fusion of elegance and rebelliousness.

In recent years, Police continued to push the boundaries of fashion, seamlessly integrating contemporary trends with its unique aesthetic. This era was marked by the brand’s active engagement in the global fashion scene, participating in prominent fashion shows and events, thereby reinforcing its role as a fashion innovator.

Police is recognized not just as a fashion label, but as a symbol of versatility and continual evolution. Its transformation from a specialized eyewear brand to a diverse fashion empire is a testament to its enduring commitment to creativity and innovation, always staying ahead of the curve while honoring its original spirit of bold Italian design mixed with urban sophistication.

What is Police?
Police is an Italian fashion brand renowned for its innovative and edgy designs, initially gaining fame with its stylish sunglasses. Today, it represents a bold fusion of urban sophistication and rebellious spirit, offering a diverse range of products from eyewear to watches and fragrances, all embodying a unique, cosmopolitan flair.


Police Logo

The logo is a stark embodiment of minimalist sophistication, consisting of black, capitalized letters spelling out “POLICE.” The font is bold and assertive, with clean lines and even spacing that communicates a sense of order and authority. Each letter stands independently yet contributes to a cohesive whole, symbolizing the brand’s individualistic yet unified character. The simplicity of the design allows for instant recognition, making it memorable and impactful. This logo captures the essence of the brand’s identity: straightforward, modern, and resonating with confidence.