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Purple is a distinctive fashion brand recognized for its high-quality denim and premium apparel. It was established with a focus on innovative design, material excellence, and meticulous attention to detail. The brand merges contemporary fashion with traditional craftsmanship, aiming to offer unique, durable, and stylish clothing options. It caters to those who appreciate luxury in everyday wear, emphasizing both aesthetic appeal and functionality.

Meaning and history

Purple Logo history

Launched in 2017, PURPLE emerged from a blend of industrial design, streetwear, and high-end fashion. Initiated by a group of friends and seasoned professionals, the brand aimed to redefine men’s denim and luxury essentials. Dissatisfied with the existing market’s complexity and lack of innovation at affordable price points, they ventured globally to forge partnerships for producing high-quality, innovative, and accessible denim. Amidst the ever-changing fashion trends, PURPLE strives to enhance the staple of men’s wardrobes: denim, making it more dynamic and interesting.

What is Purple?
PURPLE is a brand that marries industrial aesthetics with streetwear and luxury fashion, born in 2017 from a collective vision to redefine men’s denim and basics. It represents a journey of innovation beyond the confines of high-end designer denim, striving to offer accessible, quality, and uniquely detailed pieces that anchor the modern man’s wardrobe.

2019 – 2020

Purple Logo 2019

The logo presents a bold contrast with its stark black and white color scheme. A uniquely stylized “P” evokes thoughts of a wrench or a link, actively symbolizing innovation and connectivity. The name “PURPLE-BRAND” manifests in bold, uppercase sans-serif letters, presenting an image that’s both modern and minimalistic, assertive in its simplicity.

2020 – 2021

Purple Logo 2020

This iteration of the PURPLE BRAND logo simplifies its design, removing the graphic element and focusing solely on the text. The logo now showcases the brand name in bold, capitalized letters, maintaining a monochromatic palette for a striking, straightforward effect. The uniformity of the font size across the entire name suggests reliability and balance, emphasizing the brand’s cohesion and strength in the fashion industry.

2021 – 2022

Purple Logo 2021

The updated logo maintains the monochromatic theme but introduces a more streamlined font. The lettering is uniform, creating a cohesive and modern appearance. This design emphasizes clarity and a refined brand identity, reinforcing PURPLE BRAND’s presence in the fashion industry with a sleek and contemporary aesthetic.

2022 – Today

Purple Logo

The latest logo refines the design further, focusing solely on the word “PURPLE” in bold, sans-serif lettering. It exudes minimalism and a stark, confident presence, removing any previous additional text or symbols for a very clean, modern aesthetic.