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Retrofête is a fashion brand celebrated for its dazzling, vintage-inspired party wear. Created by the dynamic duo of Ohad Seroya and Aviad Klin, it was born in the vibrant heart of New York City. The brand, whose name translates to “vintage party”, embodies the spirit of glamour and celebration. It’s crafted for those who adore stepping into the spotlight, offering a collection that ranges from sequined dresses to luxurious velvet gowns. Retrofête is a tribute to the timeless allure of bygone eras, reimagined for today’s fashion-forward revelers.

Meaning and history

Retrofête, born in NYC, started as a vision of Ohad Seroya & Aviad Klin. They aimed for vintage-inspired glam. Initially, they focused on sequins and luxury fabrics. The brand quickly gained fame for its party wear. Celebrities and influencers embraced it, boosting its profile. Over time, Retrofête expanded its range, adding velvet, silk, and more. Despite growing, the founders kept creative control. They partnered with select retailers, broadening their reach. Production evolved, blending traditional techniques with modern innovation. Retrofête stayed true to its roots, celebrating vintage glamour for the contemporary audience. Each piece tells a story of past and present, a testament to enduring style.

What is Retrofete?
Retrofête is a beacon of modern opulence, weaving the essence of vintage celebration into contemporary fashion. Founded by Ohad Seroya and Aviad Klin, it stands as a tribute to the glittering allure of past eras, reimagined for today’s fashion aficionados with a penchant for standout glamour.


Retrofete Logo

The logo spells out “RETROFETE” in a bold, sans-serif typeface. The use of an upward-pointing chevron in place of a letter creates a distinctive and memorable design element. This graphic substitution adds a touch of modernity and innovation to the logo’s otherwise classic alignment, reflecting the brand’s forward-thinking yet timeless aesthetic.