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Roxy is the Quiksilver women’s clothing line. Over almost 30 years of its existence, the brand has changed from a bikini to women’s clothing for all occasions, but the idea the brand was founded on remained the same. Roxy also added stylish women’s jeans, snowboards, snowboarding accessories, and specialized footwear to swimwear. Later, it took unexpected directions, namely perfume, jewelry, and surf wax. Roxy is also big on sponsorships. It sponsors leading female pro riders in surfing, windsurfing, snowboarding, skateboarding, sailing, and other extreme sports.

Meaning and History

Roxy is a leading brand for active young girls that appeared in 1990 as a swimwear brand. The first season was quite successful as sales amounted to $1.1 million. Two years later, Roxy expanded the range of goods and added jeans and snowboarding lines. Roxy continues to expand its product lines, designing goods for all cases of life intended for active young people. Coming up with the name for the new brand was not easy. The founder Alan Green and CEO of the brand Bob MacKnight did not want to use Quicksilver as part of the new name. Although Roxy is coincidentally the name of their daughters, the name was chosen among many other options for different reasons.

What is Roxy?
Roxy is a branch of the Quiksilver brand or rather its female line, which is why there is a lot of similarity between their logos. Since they were innovators and before them there were only men’s suits for surfers, the brand was able to capture a large portion of the market. Their clothing and other goods are designed for an active lifestyle and extreme sports.

1993 – Today

Roxy Logo

Roxy received its own logo, consisting of two Quiksilver logos arranged in a heart shape soon after the brand was founded.  Such move made it easy to associate the new brand with an already developed brand. At the same time, it was something unique and specific for the new line. The heart shape of the logo is also quite popular among the young population. It had a resemblance of wings at the top or as if the hands were used to create this shape. Inside the white heart shape, the logo had two triangular shapes which did not have much meaning in the new logo and were brought from the parent company’s logo. At the same time, it adds some details and interest to the logo.  The emblem is often used without a wordmark. The name of the company, though, sometimes accompanied the emblem and was done in the same pink color as the emblem itself. It was placed right above it and was the same width as the emblem itself.

Font and Color

The logo was done in a very stereotypical girly color – a magenta shade of pink. Sometimes, black color was used for the emblem. When it comes to font, the wordmark was done using a typeface that featured wavy lines, which is associated with surfing, while the “X” looked like a four-petal flower. All the letters had the same height and were placed quite close together.