Timberland Logo

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What is Timberland Logo

Timberland is an American producer of urban footwear. It’s a relatively minor manufacturer compared to the industrial giants, although the clothing and boots created and designed by Timberland are considered on average a superior quality. The business was officially opened in 1952, although the older history dates back to 1928.

Meaning and History

1973 – Today

Timberland Logo

The first Timberland logo appeared in 1973 when the company’s current name was adopted. It consisted of two parts. The first was the name of the company proper – it used black letters with a plain serif style. The other is a round emblem usually placed on the name’s right on above it.

The emblem is also completely black and it depicts a tree protruding from the soil and confined on three sides by an incomplete ring. The way this three is illustrated is also interesting, because it uses straight lines almost exclusively.