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Timberland is a popular American brand of beautiful, comfortable, and stylish shoes, clothes, and accessories that are distinguished by impeccable workmanship, unique models, and unusual design solutions. Initially, the boots were intended for truck drivers, lumberjacks, and hunters, but after a couple of years, the sales expanded. Later, the brand added clothing and accessories, and women’s and then children’s shoes appeared. Timberland is more than an American fashion brand. The company pays special attention to the protection of nature and participates in numerous environmental projects. The history of the company and its concern for the consumer, employees and the world arouses respect and recognition.

Meaning and History

Timberland Logo history

The business was officially opened in 1952, although the older history dates back to 1928. Timberland was founded by Nathan Schwartz, the son of emigrants from Ukraine. His father was a shoemaker all his life, and Nathan also knew this craft very well. He gradually acquired the shares of one little-known American shoe factory, The Abington Shoe Company, which he fully owned by 1955. In 1973, Nathan Schwartz sold the first waterproof yellow leather boots called “Timberland”. Innovative shoes became instantly famous and popular, and the phrase “yellow shoes” became associated with the Timberland brand. In 1978 the company was renamed The Timberland Company. A year later, Giuseppe Veronesi from Italy introduced the yellow boots to Europe. Today, Timberland sells its clothing and footwear worldwide.

What is Timberland?
Timberland is an American producer of urban footwear. It’s a relatively minor manufacturer compared to the industrial giants. Although, the clothing and boots created and designed by Timberland are typically considered to have superior quality.

1973 – 1975

Timberland Logo 1973

The emblem of Timberland’s logo from 1973 portrays a sturdy tree with intricate branches, symbolizing the brand’s affinity for nature and the great outdoors. The brand name is depicted in a sleek, modern sans-serif font, evoking sophistication. Presented in a single dark hue, the logo underscores Timberland’s dedication to environmental stewardship and its rugged image.

1975 – Today

Timberland Logo

This Timberland logo appeared in 1975,  and it consisted of two parts. The first was the name of the company. It used black letters with a plain serif style. The other is a round emblem, usually placed on the name’s right or above it. The emblem is also completely black. It depicts a tree with thick lines for branches and land at the bottom taking up about a third of the circle. The illustration of the tree is also interesting because it uses straight lines almost exclusively and has no leaves. The bottom half of the emblem has a thick border while the top is just the tree branches cut to create a circle shape.

Font and Color

The same logo has been used for almost half a century. It has a black and white color palette, which showed to have a timeless professional look. Sometimes, a white version is used instead of black, especially if the logo is printed on dark background. The font used for the name is very similar to Windsor SB xbold Condensed, designed by Eleisha Pechey. It has small serifs and features letters that are written very close to each other, almost touching.