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SketchUp is a program that is considered one of the easiest to use. It has many useful functions. For example, it is used to perform three-dimensional modeling. SketchUp’s unique way of working allows one to quickly and easily draw and modify 3D sketches. With its help, anyone can easily simulate any objects, even houses or complex architectural structures. The program allows one to design a building both inside, furnishing it, and outside, adding various elements. There are no restrictions, it all depends only on one’s imagination.

Meaning and History

SketchUp Logo History

SketchUp was created in 1999 by Last Software, although at first it did not have the name by which it is now known, but was called Google SketchUp. It had two different owners: on the one hand, Google itself, which bought it in 2006. It is currently owned by Trimble Navigation since 2012. The latest version to date, SketchUp 2013, was released in May 2013.

What’s SketchUp?
SketchUp is a 3D editor that is considered multifunctional and extremely convenient. It is used by designers, architects, and other specialists who model various objects and interiors.

2000 – 2006

SketchUp Logo 2000

The logo of the software is quite illustrative. Besides the name, there is a drawing of a three-dimensional house from the top with a relatively large red pencil in the front. It is a great way to visually show what one can do with SketchUp. Both, the inscription and the drawing, have a reflection at the bottom, which adds another dimension to the emblem. SketchUp is printed using a black, italicized font with serifs. The letter “U” is done in red, which not only adds interest but also compliments the red pencil.

2006 – 2007

SketchUp Logo 2006

After acquiring the software, Google has made an update to its logo. The drawing of the house and pencil have disappeared, but the inscription used the same font. The designers simply made the lines slightly thicker and the red color not as bright. There was another small update – the reflection was replaced by a tagline that said “from Google” in a light gray color. It surely gave the software another level of recognition while preserving the original elements.

2007 – 2009

SketchUp Logo 2007

It is interesting that for this version Google chose to have its name as the main element. It was printed using a serif font and rainbow colors the Google logo is known for. The name of the software was added as a second line. It was printed in dark gray and featured a relatively small, sans-serif font. It is obvious that the company wanted to attract the user with its instantly recognizable logo.

2009 – 2012

SketchUp Logo 2009

The software became quite recognizable, so the designers brought back the original drawing of a house with a red pencil. The software now had its unique identity. This move also showed the users that the essence of the software has not changed. It simply got improved and perfected, just like this drawing.

2012 – 2013

SketchUp Logo 2012

The software changed owner again, which led to a new visual identity. It is done in blue, which gives it a serious and trustworthy appearance. The Trimble logo was added on the left, while the software name was printed on the right. The latter was done using a rather simple sans-serif font. Just like in earlier versions, the designers had only the first letters capitalized.

2012 – 2020

SketchUp Logo 2012

This version looks bold and professional. The red color of a cube with stairs inside drew a connection to earlier versions that also had splashes of powerful and bold red. As for the name, it was done using a sans-serif, bold font that featured diagonal cuts successfully combined with straight ones. These diagonal cuts gave the logo a unique and confident look. A very dark gray color of the inscription enhanced its powerful and well-designed appearance.

2020 – Today

SketchUp Logo

A more minimalistic version was presented in 2020. It was inspired by the red cube seen earlier. Although it has an illusion of a three-dimensional object and resembles a cube, the shape has a more abstract appearance. Its continuous, intertwined lines that create an intriguing shape reflect the endless possibilities opened up before the user. The rich blue color with contrasting white creates an association with a reliable and stable company as well as imagination, intelligence, and freedom.

Font and Color

The key colors in the SketchUp logo were black, red, and blue, while the white served as a perfect backdrop. These are bold colors that are often used in logos across all industries. Although such a color palette did not give the company a lot of uniqueness, it surely made the product appear reliable and trustworthy and reflected the fact that the user is limited only by the imagination when it comes to creating projects on SketchUp.
For the first several years, the company chose to use an italicized, bold font with serifs. It is similar to URW Baskerville Oblique or Node Display Regular Italicized font. Later, the company transitioned to sans-serif fonts that featured diagonal cuts. One of its versions used a font similar to the D-DIN font by Datto, Inc., while the next logo used a different sans-serif font called Whitney Office Bold. The latest logo has no inscriptions.