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Spotify is the world’s biggest audiostreaming service. If you want to listen to music, podcasts or even audiobooks – then Spotify is the place to go. This service has a very vast collection of different audio-products. This popularity, in fact, inspired numerous other services to incorporate functionality just like Spotify’s.

Meaning and History

Spotify Logo History

Spotify was launched by a few Swedish entrepreneurs back in 2006. The name doesn’t have anything to do with music – it’s a combination of words ‘identify’ and ‘spot’, which basically implies you’re able to find whatever audio-product you want here. But that might be retrospective, because their initial history is hazy.

2008 – 2013

Spotify Logo 2008

The initial few years of its existence, Spotify didn’t have a full logotype. It was not until the service started getting attention that they created this.
It’s a light green square with a lot of free space in the upper half of it. Only the bottom of the image is occupied by something meaningful. It’s the company’s own name, written in a soft white type with a darker green outline. The text design is pretty basic, save for the letter ‘S’ that shifted upward and ‘O’, which rose above others.
There are also radio-waves coming out of the ‘O’s top, which is the first instance of them using this symbol.

2013 – 2015

Spotify Logo 2013

For the 2013 version, they put the text element aside. The letters are now black, although the style barely changed. The designers remove notches and other excessive extremities (as well as returned the letters to the normal positions).
The symbol of the radio-waves was given its own little corner right to the left of the brand name. They became white instead of dark green. What surrounded them was a circle of basically the same pale green, although with a good dose of lighting.

2015 – today

Spotify Logo

In 2015, they only changed a few things. Generally, the colors on both the text element and the brand symbol were made into a much more acidic sort of green. There are no gradients or shading this time.

Emblem and Symbol

Symbol Spotify

For the mobile version, only the radio-wave symbol is used. However, the color-scheme can change for them. For an Android icon, for instance, Spotify swapped preferred to paint the waves black instead of white. There are several other instances like this, which means that the only constant is the shape and layout.