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Steam is an online video game distribution platform which allows you to play games from various developers and discuss them with other users such as yourself. It was launched by Valve on September 12, 2003 and quickly became the most popular game platform on PC.

Meaning and History

Steam Logo History

There have been several options for the name of this software when it was still in development, but Valve (the developer and founder) settled upon ‘Steam’, as it has a nice connection to their own name. Not to mention it sounds nicer than ‘Gazelle’ or whatever else they had planned.

What is Steam?
Steam is the multifunctional online software for computer games, released by Valve in 2003. It’s used to purchase digital copies of videogames, download, install and play them. It’s the most popular such platform by a wide margin, housing over 120 active users and offering thousands upon thousands of games, including most chief releases.

2002 – Today

Steam Logo 2002

The original logo of the Steam was introduced with the beta test in 2002. It represented the classic black and white style and had two metal parts connected to each other. The emblem was supposed to symbolize a pumping system, which emanates power and automation.
Next to the emblem, there was a capitalized name of the game platform, made in the minimalistic sans-serif typeface.

2014 – Today

Steam Logo

In 2014 Valve decided to make a new design for their product, beginning with the emblem.
The white color, which was used to depict the same rod connected to the lever, was designed to stand out over the background (which was made into a dark blue circle with some shading gradient on top). The new emblem turned stuck to minimalism and simplicity, just as the previous one.

Emblem and Symbol

Symbol Steam

Both emblems represent the concept of connection. The parts of the steam piston, which allows the train to go, can work only in contact with each other. Alone with the emblems, the company states its main mission – to push the technological progress further and provide players with the best game experience.