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Birthed in the tech-savvy hub of Sunnyvale by visionary Gary Hendrix, Symantec stands out as a distinguished entity in the software domain, with a keen focus on fortifying digital realms. Sparked to life with a grant from the National Science Foundation, the firm dabbled in the realm of artificial intelligence before strategically pivoting to the cybersecurity sphere. Symantec soared to acclaim on the wings of its cornerstone offering, Norton Antivirus, and subsequently broadened its arsenal to encompass a multifaceted array of digital defense mechanisms, cementing its status as a guardian of global cyber ecosystems.

Meaning and history

Founded in 1982, Symantec began in Sunnyvale, California. It initially focused on artificial intelligence, supported by a National Science Foundation grant. In 1984, Symantec shifted towards software, especially security, after merging with C&E Software. Its first product was Q&A, a database and word processing software.

Symantec’s major breakthrough came with the acquisition of Peter Norton Computing in 1990. This move introduced Norton Antivirus, revolutionizing computer security. Throughout the 90s, Symantec expanded its cybersecurity offerings, becoming a key player in the industry.

The 2000s saw Symantec acquiring several companies, like Brightmail and Veritas Software, diversifying into storage, backup, and systems management. In 2009, it bought PGP Corporation, enhancing encryption capabilities.

In 2016, Symantec acquired Blue Coat Systems, strengthening its cybersecurity stance. In 2019, it sold its enterprise security division to Broadcom, refocusing on consumer software with NortonLifeLock as its new identity.

What is Symantec?
Symantec, now known as NortonLifeLock, is a global leader in cybersecurity software and services. Originally famous for its Norton Antivirus, the company has evolved, focusing on providing comprehensive digital protection for individual consumers and small businesses. Its suite of products aims to safeguard against a wide array of cyber threats, from viruses to identity theft.


Symantec logo

The logo in question features a checkmark piercing through a circle, symbolizing precision and security. The checkmark’s pixelated tail suggests digital technology, hinting at the company’s roots in cybersecurity. The use of bold, sans-serif typography for the name “Symantec” conveys modernity and strength. The color scheme, with a vibrant yellow circle, stands for energy and optimism, while the black text denotes formality and sophistication. Together, these elements craft a visual identity that encapsulates the brand’s commitment to digital protection and innovation.