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Cybertruck is a pickup automobile line that is in development by Tesla. The car is coming on the market in 2023. The company states that Cybertruck will be a fully electric vehicle able to go 800 km per battery charge and carry about 1,6 tons of weight. Three models in the line – Single Motor, Dual Motor, and Tri-Motor have different speed and driving range specifications. Moreover, Tesla claims all Cybertrucks to have a stainless corpus resistant to bullets, the Tesla Autopilot system, a self-leveling suspension, power inverters inside the car salon, and many other features. Some models also have four-wheel drive.

Meaning and history

Tesla Cybertruck Logo history

The Tesla Cybertruck traces back from 2012-2013 when Elon Musk drafted a truck able to be compared with Ford F pickups. In late 2017, Tesla described the car’s size as comparable to Ford F-150 – the truck’s main competitor. It was supposed to be a car with a chassis fitting both a van and a truck. They also showed a preview photo of their automobile during the exposition of the Tesla Semi and Tesla Roadster vehicles in November 2017.

After a line of other gossip, teasers, and statements, Tesla finally brought the vehicle to the mass media during its show in Los Angeles Tesla Design Studio in November 2019. It turned out that the car has gotten an appearance in Blade Runner’s cyberpunk style. Tesla declared that Cybertruck’s windows are made of armor glass, while the housing is cast of stainless steel. There are three models of the car – Single, Dual, and Tri-Motor. Each of them has a portable generator, Tesla Autopilot, and a modern suspension. Each of them will have a self-compensating suspension that adapts to the weight, portable generator, Tesla Autopilot system, and many other features, but only the Dual and Tri-Motor models will have all-wheel drive.

Initially, vehicle mass manufacturing was planned to begin in late 2021, with more models coming in 2022. However, the production start was delayed to 2022 and then again to mid-2023.

What is Tesla Cybertruck?
Tesla Cybertruck is a battery electric vehicle whose production was announced in March 2019 by an American car assembler Tesla. They claimed it had a 4X4 drive, stainless bullet-resistant body with angular forms inspired by Blade Runner style, windows of armor glass, and an electric vehicle able to move the car 400-800 km, depending on the model. Three versions have been announced: Single, Dual, and Tri-Motor. Each of them has different specifications of speed, towing capacity, driving range, and price. The vehicle line is expected to release in the second half of 2023.

2019 – 2023

Tesla Cybertruck Logo 2019

2023 – today

Tesla Cybertruck Logo

Cybertruck has a tentative logotype featuring the wordmark in a sharp and rough typeface, encouraged by the cyberpunk style.


Tesla Cybertruck Symbol

This script doesn’t fit the truck’s elegant, soft, and subtle forms. Its letters have sharp and abrupt lines with a graffiti-inspired style. They often cross one another, forming combined symbols. All letterforms seem to be slim, sans-serif, and capitalized.


Tesla Cybertruck Emblem

The wordmark has a classic color selection – black on a white background if there is a background.