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Tommy Hilfiger, a $6 billion American clothing brand, offers unique high-end collections for men, women, and children. Sportswear, jeans, perfumes, household items, watches, and jewelry are also included in the collection of this world-famous brand. In addition to the main collections, the brand launched limited perfume and clothes collections created in collaboration with celebrities. This brand is the recipient of many awards and honors in the fashion industry. In several decades of the brand’s existence, Hilfiger managed to create what is known as the classic American style.

Meaning and History

The brand appeared in the middle of the 80s, and today its goods are being passed out in the shops across the planet. The public saw the first Hilfiger brand collection created by Tommy in 1985 thanks to the financial support of a luxury fabric manufacturer Murjani. He wanted to name the brand Tommy Hill, but at the suggestion of his colleagues, he named it Tommy Hilfiger. Five years later, Silas Chu and Lawrence Stroll, who were businessmen from Hong Kong, became co-owners of the company. Since then, Tommy Hilfiger’s corporation became public, and its shares began to be listed on the world’s largest stock exchanges. Several brand stores opened their doors for the first time in New York a couple of years later. It was not long before the Tommy Hilfiger Co. began to expand to North America and Europe. The Tommy Hilfiger Corporation is also the key element of PVH (a huge textile corporation in the US), which bought it in 2010.

What is Hilfiger?
Tommy Hilfiger is a brand of clothes, footwear, and accessories from the USA. The collections are designed in an elegant American casual style. The products of this brand stand out among other brands for their comfort, simplicity, and the highest quality.

1985 – today

Tommy Hilfiger Logo

The logo was drawn by the brand designers at the very start and has been used for over three decades. It features the brand’s name made fully with capital letters that have the minimalistic sans-serif typeface with letters being widely spaced. Dark blue was chosen as the main color. Between two words, there is a small rectangle with a blue line at the top and the bottom, while the middle is white and red split horizontally. The red, white, and blue logo of the brand is the true embodiment of the American dream.

Font and Color

The logo features a font similar to Humanist 521. One of the notable features of the font being used is that the center of both letters “M” does not reach all the way to the bottom. Instead, it ends on the same level as the center of the “Y”. Otherwise, all the letters are of the same height and create one line with the emblem in the center. The rectangle of the blue, red, and white color is a reference to the American flag and brand origins.