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Tory Burch, an American luxury fashion label, is celebrated for its vibrant designs and unique aesthetic. Founded by Tory Burch herself, the brand specializes in ready-to-wear collections, footwear, accessories, and handbags. Currently, its market reach spans globally, with prominent presences in North America, Europe, and Asia. While Tory Burch continues to play a pivotal role in the company, it’s also backed by several investors. The brand seamlessly marries bohemian inspiration with modern flair, making it a favorite among fashion aficionados. Its iconic double-T logo is recognizable worldwide, signifying elegance and timeless style.

Meaning and history

Tory Burch, a hallmark in American luxury fashion, has an origin rooted in the personal story of its founder, Tory Burch. In 2004, she launched the brand in a small Manhattan boutique, aiming to bring her unique sense of style to the market. The label’s immediate recognition came with its classic ballet flat, adorned with a double-T logo, which soon became an iconic fashion piece.

Throughout the years, the brand experienced rapid expansion. From a single shop, it transformed into a global phenomenon with over 250 boutiques internationally. Tory Burch’s success was not just in clothing but also in accessories, fragrances, and home decor, showcasing its versatility and Tory’s vision.

Ownership and financial backing underwent changes as the brand grew. While Tory remained a vital force behind her namesake brand, outside investments played a part in its expansion. In 2009, a minority stake was sold to Tresalia Capital but was later bought back. In 2013, BDT Capital Partners and General Atlantic became significant stakeholders, though Tory Burch retained a majority.

Over time, the brand upheld its commitment to quality and unique design, even as production scaled up. Embracing both bohemian and classic influences, Tory Burch’s products resonate with a diverse clientele, from young trendsetters to timeless fashion enthusiasts.

In addition to fashion, Tory Burch has made philanthropy a brand pillar. In 2009, the Tory Burch Foundation was established, aiming to empower female entrepreneurs through capital, education, and networking opportunities.

2004 – Today

Tory Burch Logo

The complete representation of the emblem features the company’s title, split evenly on either side of a central circle. “TORY” resides on the left, while “BURCH” is positioned to the right. A straightforward, black typeface, echoing the style of David Hicks, was selected for this. The chosen typeface in the Tory Burch branding is more balanced and smoother compared to Hicks’s original.