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Victoria’s Secret is a renowned American lingerie and fashion brand that operates globally. Specializing in women’s intimate wear, it offers a wide range of lingerie, loungewear, and beauty products. While once a dominant force in the fashion industry, it has faced challenges in recent years due to changing consumer preferences. The brand is now under new ownership and is working on rebranding efforts to adapt to evolving market trends.

Meaning and history

Victorias Secret Logo history

Victoria’s Secret, an iconic lingerie and fashion brand, was founded in 1977 by Roy Raymond in San Francisco, California. Raymond aimed to create a more comfortable and upscale lingerie shopping experience for men, providing them with a place to buy intimate gifts for their partners. The first store was designed with a Victorian-inspired ambiance, which influenced the brand’s name, Victoria’s Secret.

In 1982, the brand was acquired by Limited Brands (now L Brands), a retail conglomerate. Under this ownership, Victoria’s Secret experienced significant expansion and became a dominant force in the lingerie market. The brand introduced its annual fashion show in 1995, which quickly gained international recognition and became a pop culture phenomenon.

Victoria’s Secret’s success was driven by its provocative marketing campaigns featuring the world’s top models, known as “Victoria’s Secret Angels.” The brand’s emphasis on glamor, sensuality, and fantasy made it a global icon in the lingerie industry.

However, in the early 2000s, the brand faced criticism for its limited size range and lack of diversity in its models. Public sentiment shifted towards body positivity and inclusivity, prompting Victoria’s Secret to reconsider its marketing strategies.

In 2020, amid declining sales and controversy, L Brands decided to sell a majority stake (55%) of Victoria’s Secret to Sycamore Partners, a private equity firm. This move aimed to reposition the brand and refocus on its core lingerie business. Victoria’s Secret also underwent leadership changes, with Martin Waters appointed as CEO in 2020, aiming to revitalize the brand and adapt to changing consumer preferences.

Before 2009

Victoria’s Secret Logo old

Prior to 2009, Victoria’s Secret sported a distinctive logo featuring elegant pink lettering. The top part displayed the brand’s initial name, while the bottom portion showcased the second word. Both segments were perfectly centered and rendered in uppercase letters with delicate, elongated serifs. This unique design employed a striking geometric font that bore a resemblance to the Trajan Pro 3 Regular by Adobe, albeit with subtle modifications.

2009 – Today

Victoria’s Secret Logo

The current representation of the brand features a black wordmark, a single-line rendition of “VICTORIA’S SECRET” where the initials “V” and “S” are notably enlarged, though all characters remain in uppercase. While the font has been updated, the designers opted for a contrasting antiqua style with delicate serifs, reminiscent of the previous version to ensure the company’s continued recognizability.